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Japanese whaling ships leave ports to hunt for whales

By Katharina Khalife / 14th June 2021

Japan resumed commercial whaling three years ago after leaving the International Whaling Commission (IWC – the body that regulates whaling) and following widespread international criticism…

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Ex-captive dolphins give birth in the wild

By Katharina Khalife / 31st May 2021

Three Indo-Pacific dolphins who were successfully released back into the wild after being illegally captured off the coast of South Korea over a decade ago,…

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Christmas…how to get it wrapped without plastic

By Katharina Khalife / 12th December 2019

It’s that time of year again when there’s only one thing on most people’s minds – and in the shops, on the radio, everywhere you…

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WDC leads call for EU Commission to take legal action against 15 governments over dolphin deaths

By Katharina Khalife / 10th July 2019

Today 22 environmental NGOs, led by Whale and Dolphin Conservation, ClientEarth and Seas At Risk, have jointly called on the European Commission to take legal…

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NZ government options for dolphins will be a CATastrophe

By Katharina Khalife / 1st July 2019

The New Zealand government is attempting to use a parasite spread by cats as an excuse to deflect from its failure to protect two of…

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Rare right whale song recorded for first time

By Katharina Khalife / 20th June 2019

Researchers in Alaska have documented the song of the North Pacific right whale. Most people know that humpback whales sing to each other, but now…

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