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Uncovering the dark side of captivity

Last week we launched our major new campaign to reveal and uncover the dark side of captivity, and call on tourism giant TUI, and the rest of the travel industry, to commit to an ethical phase out of captivity. There are two sides to captivity: the show that the audience enjoys, and the dark side:…

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27th September 2022

Third orca death in 18 months at theme park

Loro Parque tourist attraction in Tenerife, Spain has announced the death of Kohana, a 20-year-old orca transferred to the facility from SeaWorld in the US in 2006. Kohana is the third orca who has died at the facility within 18 months after Skyla (17 years old) died in March 2021, and Ula (three years old),…


15th September 2022

On the anniversary of the massacre of 1,423 dolphins, what’s changed?

One year ago today, 1,423 Atlantic white-sided dolphins, including mothers with calves and pregnant females, were chased for hours before being slaughtered on a beach in the Faroe Islands. Death would not have come quickly, and we can only imagine their fear and confusion as they listened to their pod mates’ cries and screams, and…

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12th September 2022

Great Whale Conveyor Belt

Baleen whales undertake some of the longest migrations on Earth.  These extraordinary journeys have a transformative effect on the transport of vital nutrients through the ocean, in a process known as the ‘Great Whale Conveyor Belt.’  Whales transport and release thousands of tonnes of nutrients – including iron and nitrogen, which are vital for species…

Sperm whales

WDC’s Shorewatch work shortlisted for nature award

We are thrilled that our Shorewatch programme has been shortlisted in the Citizen Science category at RSPB Scotland’s prestigious Nature of Scotland Awards, and you can help us win! The Shorewatch citizen science programme, monitors at risk species of whale, dolphin and harbour porpoise in the Northern Isles. Members of the public are encouraged to train…


8th September 2022

Local community helps piece together Risso’s dolphin puzzle

Thousands of photographs from members of the public have been published today in two WDC catalogues that help researchers piece together a Risso’s dolphin puzzle that will then protect these amazing creatures for years to come.  So far we have received over 2000 photographs, including historical images, from Shetland, Orkney, and along the North and…


Tesco joins new initiative to help protect whales and dolphins

Tesco, the UK’s largest retailer has joined WDC, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP), and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in our joint initiative to ensure supermarkets and food brands only sell fish and shellfish that comes from those sources that use best practices in protecting vulnerable marine wildlife. As part on this work with…


7th September 2022

Dolphin slaughter in Japan resumes

The annual slaughter of various species of dolphin has begun in the waters around Taiji in Japan. These awful hunts, which are expected to run until March next year, involved the corralling of dolphins at sea by small boats and driving them into the confines of a cove, where they are slaughtered for meat or…

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2nd September 2022

Popular humpback whale is killed by passing ship

A humpback whale popular with whale watchers in waters off California and Mexico has died after being struck by a passing ship. Known as Fran, the 50-foot whale was found washed up on the shore in Half Moon Bay south of San Francisco earlier this week, and her death now raises concerns for the survival…

31st August 2022

Beluga move plans postponed after service boat sinks

Plans to return beluga whales, Little White and Little Grey to their sea sanctuary in Iceland have now had to be postponed due to an unprecedented incident, which happened in the bay last week. The main support and diving contractor’s boat sank in Klettsvik Bay just hours before the whales were due to move, resulting…


24th August 2022

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