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Icelandic whalers kill first fin whales in four years

As feared, whale hunters in Iceland have slaughtered at least two fin whales, the first to be killed in four years. Hopes remain that the cruel practice will end in 2023 after the country’s Fisheries Minister, Svandís Svavarsdóttir cast doubt over its future a few weeks ago, saying that there is now little justification for authorizing…

Majestic fin whales

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24th June 2022

Majority of Icelandic people think whaling harms their country’s reputation

With the very real prospect of Iceland’s only fin whale hunter, Kristján Loftsson sending boats out to slaughter more whales before the hunts potentially end in just over a year, a survey of Icelandic people has confirmed that the majority believe whaling damages Iceland’s reputation. According to the new survey conducted by Maskína for the…


17th June 2022

Humpback whale rescued from shark net in Australia

A humpback whale and her calf have managed to escape after becoming entangled in a shark net off the coast of Queensland, Australia. In the southern hemisphere humpback whales spend the austral summer in Antarctica before migrating north during the winter months to breed and give birth in warmer waters. Their migration route takes them…

Humpback whale underwater

16th June 2022

Climate giants – how whales can help save the world

We know that whales, dolphins and porpoises are amazing beings with complex social and family lives, and we are leaning more about them all the time. But we are only beginning to understand that whales are essential in ensuring a healthy ocean and helping us combat climate change. The ocean is our largest carbon sink,…

Humpback whale underwater


14th June 2022

Fishermen in Norway eat pilot whale after entanglement in net

According to local reports, fishermen in Norway ate meat from a long-finned pilot whale after the unfortunate creature became entangled in their fishing net and died. While this was a rare event for these fishermen, hundreds of thousands of whales and dolphins die each year after becoming trapped in nets and other fishing gear around…

Long-finned pilot whale

13th June 2022

Man convicted for harassing dolphins

A man who was seen in his speedboat corralling a pod of feeding bottlenose dolphins off the North Yorkshire coast has been found guilty of causing disturbance. On 9 July 2021 Christopher Barker, 45, from Brompton-by-Sawdon, was seen to drive the high-powered boat numerous times around the pod close to the shore off Scarborough’s South…


Japan begins commercial whaling season

Japanese whalers have left port to begin this year’s annual hunt for whales and could kill up to 150 Bryde’s whales and 25 sei whales by the time the season finishes in mid-November. This year’s hunt is scheduled to begin on 13th of June with the whaling ship Yushin Maru No.3 and its mother ship…

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10th June 2022

WDC gaming partners celebrate World Oceans Day with a whale of a Steam sale

To celebrate World Oceans Day this year we are thrilled to announce our biggest ever charity Steam sale. With an amazing collection of over 40 exciting games including ABZU, I Am Fish, Frostpunk, Sunless Sea, In Other Waters and many more, our fantastic games partners are joining forces with us to stand up for the…

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7th June 2022

The dolphin and porpoise casualties of the war in Ukraine

Rare, threatened subspecies of dolphins and porpoises live in the Black Sea along Ukraine’s coast. They are also victims of war, along with the researchers who study them. Last year, I worked closely with 20 scientists including both Ukrainian and Russian colleagues to identify dolphin and porpoise habitats in the Black Sea. Following our five-day…

Black Sea common dolphins © Elena Gladilina

Taking a message from the ocean to parliament

It’s a sad fact that whales and dolphins don’t vote in human elections, but I wonder what kind of world we’d have now if they did.  There’d certainly be more fish, and single-use plastics would not be a thing. Because whales and dolphins don’t have a voice in parliament, it’s down to all of us…

31st May 2022

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