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WDC exposes failure of Government scheme to protect whales and dolphins from net deaths

Following our investigations, we have revealed that a UK Government scheme to protect whales and dolphins from net deaths is a total failure and could also impact the UK’s ability to export fish to the US. Figures show there has been very little participation in the Government’s self-reporting scheme for fishers aimed at reducing deaths in…


22nd March 2023

Dolphins and fishermen working together

Kidzone – quick links Fun Facts Curious kids Blogs Fantastic fundraisers Gallery Splish and Splash Puzzles In Laguna, a coastal town in Brazil, local fishermen and dolphins team up so they both catch more fish.  It’s a cultural tradition which has taken place for almost 150 years. Dolphins herd shoals of mullet towards fishermen standing…

Dolphin in Brazil helping with fishing illustration

17th March 2023

First cases of bird flu in dolphins discovered in the UK

The UK Government has announced that two dolphins and a harbour porpoise have died from bird flu in British waters. The dolphin and porpoise deaths are the first recorded in the UK that are related to the virus, which is known as H5N1. The deaths follows the largest ever H5N1 pandemic in birds, with millions dying in…


Why we’re walking for whales to save the world

We’ve got enormous ambitions when it comes to fighting climate breakdown, and so two members of our team have taken on mammoth challenges to help raise the funds we need – will you help? I love taking on a fundraising challenge, especially when it’s for an amazing cause. Groundbreaking research into the vital role whales,…

14th March 2023

Kiska the ‘world’s loneliest whale’ dies at Canadian theme park

Kiska, dubbed the loneliest whale in the world, has died at Marineland, a zoo and amusement park in Canada. Caught in wild Icelandic waters she spent four decades held captive. She was just three years old when she was taken from the ocean, and her family, and condemned to a life in a barren, concrete…


12th March 2023

Man charged in US for harassing whale

Police in the US are investigating reports of a man known as ‘Dolphin Dave’ repeatedly harassing a humpback whale and a pod of dolphins while snorkeling in Hawaii. David Jiménez has posted videos of himself on social media which show him pursuing the whale in local waters, and has said that he won’t stop. Hawaii’s…

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10th March 2023

Three decades on from UK’s last dolphin show, what needs to change?

The UK hasn’t had captive whales and dolphins on display for 30 years, but it’s not illegal in the UK to keep whales and dolphins in tanks, UK holidaymakers still visit dolphin shows when they are abroad, and UK tour operators still sell tickets. Where do we go from here? Exactly 30 years ago today,…

8th March 2023

UN adopts High Seas Treaty to protect the ocean

At the UN ‘High Seas Treaty’ negotiations in New York, a historic vote for the protection of the ocean took place at the weekend. After two weeks of intensive talks, the UN member states have agreed on the final text of a High Seas Treaty. Most of the world’s oceans are international waters. These so-called…

Gray whale

6th March 2023

UK woman bitten by river dolphin in Bolivia

Pink Amazon River dolphin The plight of a UK woman who had her foot badly bitten by a wild dolphin is a stark reminder of why swimming with whales and dolphins is not recommended. Claire Bye, from Bristol was left fighting for her life when a pink river dolphin nearly bit her foot off during…

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1st March 2023

Decision to scrap protected marine areas in UK a backward step

A healthy planet needs a healthy ocean and that means protecting whales The UK Government’s decision to designate only three of five suggested highly protected marine areas (HPMAs) in the waters around England has been met with disappointment by conservation groups including WDC. We took part in efforts to promote the concept and influence the…


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