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Who we are

WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation is the leading charity dedicated to the protection of whales and dolphins.

Our vision is a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free.

We care deeply about whales and dolphins, and we share this passion with our supporters.

Our work is backed by robust research, science and philosophy. We are the authority on whales and dolphins and the threats they face.

What we do

We are lean, ambitious, impactful, and internationally respected.

We work globally through campaigns, lobbying, advising governments, conservation projects, field research, rescue, education and much more.

We bring together, and work hand-in-hand with, businesses, philanthropists, scientists, NGOs, governments and grassroots communities to find solutions to the problems faced by whales and dolphins.

Handing over end whale and dolphin captivity petition at No. 10

How you can help

We can only achieve all this thanks to the support of thousands of people around the world.

From donating to adopting, skydiving, swims and urban beach cleans, there are lots of ways you can get involved to help our work for these amazing creatures.

We are supported by individuals, video gamers, trusts, philanthropists, and corporates who share our passion and values. All supporting our efforts to make the ocean a clean and safe place for whales and dolphins to live in.

Pod of common dolphins

Whales, dolphins and porpoises

There are around 90 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises, many of them endangered.

Whales and dolphins are awe-inspiring. They are intelligent beings, vital for the health of the ocean and the planet.

Together we can still help them recover and flourish and they can help us reconnect with the wild, and repair the damage we have caused.

Save the whale.
Save the world.

Humpback whale underwater