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Charitable Trusts and Foundations

Can we help you achieve your charitable aims?

Whales and dolphins today are facing a wide range of threats to their existence. They are hunted, fatally entangled in fishing gear, losing key habitats and captured for people’s ‘entertainment’.  In partnership with charitable trusts, foundations and statutory funders, Whale and Dolphin Conservation is leading the way in identifying, exposing and finding ways to reduce these threats.

WDC works through five key programmes to better protect whales and dolphins:

Creating safe and healthy seas - WDC wants to increase the number of effective marine protected areas for whales and dolphins.  We are partnering with communities, international bodies and governments to protect the key areas of national waters and the high seas which whales and dolphins need the most.

Ending bycatch - Our goal is to stop whales and dolphins being killed and injured by fishing gear. We are working with governments around the world to tighten laws against bycatch. We are teaming up with fishermen and scientists to make commercial fishing safer for whales and dolphins. We are fighting to save species being pushed to the brink of extinction by bycatch.

Stop whaling WDC’s aim is to reduce the numbers of whales and dolphins killed and the numbers of countries whaling.  Our work includes: fighting to stop whaling in Europe, Japan and around the world; reducing the demand for whale meat; and educating communities about whale watching as an alternative livelihood to hunting.

End captivity Our goal is to reduce the numbers of whales and dolphins held in captivity.  We are creating sea sanctuaries and release programmes for captive whales and dolphins, working to halt the supply of whales and dolphins to captive facilities and end public demand for whale and dolphin shows.

Rights for whales and dolphins WDC wants the rights of whales and dolphins to be recognised.  We are working to achieve recognition of whale and dolphin cultures and their integration into global and local conservation policy. Similarly, we are championing the ecological role of whales and dolphins and its inclusion in global policies on biodiversity, climate change, environment, conservation, fisheries and marine protected areas.

Valuing your investment in WDC

WDC greatly values the support we receive from trusts and foundations. When a trust or foundation you are involved with makes a grant to WDC, we will make maximum use of your investment to achieve our goals. In return, we will be pleased to provide you with:

  • Reports on the impact your grant is helping to achieve.
  • Opportunities to visit the project that you are supporting and to meet project staff and volunteers.
  • Acknowledgment of your support, if desired, through social media, WDC’s website and in our Annual Review.

Current and recent funders include:

  • The Ernest Cook Trust Ernest
  • Kleinwort Charitable Trust
  • European Maritime and Fisheries Fund
  • European Outdoor Conservation Association
  • Foundation Ensemble
  • The Gordon & Ena Baxter Foundation
  • J &JR Wilson Charitable Trust
  • The RS Macdonald Charitable Trust
  • The Jessica Rekos Foundation
  • The Joyce Cater Charitable Trust
  • Kilverstone Wildlife Charitable Trust
  • Mackintosh Foundation
  • Millennium Oak Trust
  • Panton Trust
  • Scottish Natural Heritage
  • Sea Changers

Contact us

If you would like to find out more about how WDC could help you achieve your trust or foundation’s aims, please contact Joseph Wood, Trusts and Grants manager.

Tel: +44 (0)1249 449 520

Email: [email protected]

Thank you for your interest in WDC.