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Challenge Awards

Have you joined WDC's Dolphin Defenders yet? It's a fun and easy way to help us protect whales and dolphins. We'll send you an award certificate and a metal dolphin pin badge.

Become a Whale Guardian

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Get Involved

Whale and Dolphin Conservation has partnered with our friends at ITZA to create Whale Guardians, a new digital learning experience about whales, empowering children and young people around to world to protect them.


Did you know?

Group 98@2x

Whales and dolphins talk through their noses.

Group 18@2x

Dolphins are not fussy eaters.

P10-11 Mother_and_Baby_Humpback_s

It takes baby whales and dolphins one to two years to learn their language!

Whales are helping fight climate change

Watch this WDC short video to find out how whales are helping to save the world.

Whales are playing a very important role in helping our oceans recover and fighting climate change.

Whale poo feeds the ocean’s phytoplankton forests. Phytoplankton forests are responsible for removing carbon from the atmosphere and producing oxygen for all life on earth. Whales also store huge amounts of carbon in their enormous bodies.

On average each whale helps to remove as much carbon from our atmosphere as 30,000 trees every year.

Whales are awesome!

Videos from the wild

A selection of videos showing whales and dolphins as they should be - wild and free.

Learn about whales and dolphins

Fantastic resources for inquisitive minds

WDC has a wide range of educational activities to keep your children busy over the next few weeks. Why not become a Dolphin Defender, our new challenge award.