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Whales and dolphins need your help today

 The ocean has become a dangerous place for whales and dolphins. They are hunted, held captive, and killed in fishing gear. The places they live are polluted. It’s wrong. These intelligent, social, amazing individuals deserve to swim safe and free in their ocean home. You can help make a difference, right now.


When you adopt a whale or dolphin, you'll enjoy a unique insight into their incredible underwater world and help protect their family and friends.

Conran & Castillo 2_0715_Charlie Phillips


With a donation, you'll make it possible for our teams of researchers and campaigners to continue their fight for a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free.

20120526 - Dory - Emily Moss

A gift in your Will

Including a gift of any size to WDC in your Will, is a very personal and powerful way you can protect the whales and dolphins you love, for future generations.

FEROP orca research

Payroll giving

Did you know you can make regular donations to WDC through your pay and adopt Simoom, one of the incredible orcas in our adoption programme?

Group of orcas


Join Team Orca, a community of creative fundraisers who use their time and talents to help protect whales and dolphins. Run, bake, walk, cycle… what could you do to help?



Could you spare some of your time to help in our offices or at an event? You’ll make like-minded friends and gain valuable life skills as you help save whales and dolphins.

WDC Office volunteer


It’s time to speak up for whales and dolphins, spread the word and get everyone you know on board. Your voice is a powerful weapon in the fight to protect whales and dolphins.

Presenting petition to Richard Lochead MSP


Would your business or organisation like to partner with WDC and show your customers that you are committed to making the world a safer place for whales and dolphins?

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The London to Brighton Bike Ride

Ride with Team Orca at this classic event: the London to Brighton Bike Ride! This is a fantastic ride for any cyclist - whether you are an experienced club rider or only cycle around town. We are joining around 4,000 cyclists on this beautiful route that takes you from the urban streets of the capital and through lovely countryside until you finally roll up on the iconic seafront in Brighton.

Shop with us

Choose from a brilliant range of books, clothing, jewellery and gifts in the WDC shop – 100% of profits go to help protect whales and dolphins.

Collect loose change

We’ll send you a collection box for you to collect all your loose change. Every penny helps support our work to save whales and dolphins.

Shop with our partners

Choose a gift or something for yourself from one of the companies who donate money to us every time you use their services.