Educational Resources

Children love learning about whales and dolphins. WDC is involved in educational projects across the world and outreach activities from our Scottish Dolphin Centre.

WDC offers a variety of Primary School learning resources which can be downloaded below.

Three engaging, interactive sessions are available, linked to key topics in Science:

  • Food chains
  • Habitats
  • Litter and pollution

Each of these topic sessions can be covered in a single lesson and are free to download.

Our presentations and activities are curriculum-linked, and use children’s natural wonder about whales and dolphins to inspire them to explore these topics.

Litter and pollution


Age groups: Years 3 – 6 and Scottish Primary 4 – 7.

Discover the threat that litter and pollution can cause to whales and dolphins, and how long different materials take to break down in the sea. Explore how we can help by looking at what can be recycled, the choices we can make when shopping, and how we might change fishing nets to make them safer



Age groups: Years 2 – 4  and Scottish Primary 3 – 5

Discover how whales and dolphins are adapted to live in their habitats. Explore what they need to be healthy and happy, and how human activity can threaten their habitats.

Food Chains

how-big-is a-blue-whale

Age group: Years 3 – 6 and Scottish Primary 4 – 7

Discover how whales and dolphins find and catch their food.  Explore an ocean food web and find out why whales are so important to the other animals in the web. Think about how humans are part of this food web, and how we can make things safer for whales and dolphins.

Scottish Dolphin Centre

Bring your class for a day visit to WDC’s Scottish Dolphin Centre at Spey Bay in the Moray Firth. Our enthusiastic education team provides fun hands-on and outdoor activities exploring various topics including whales and dolphins, local wildlife, history of Spey Bay and much more. Our education team also offers in-school workshops for schools in the local area.

Amazing facts about whales and dolphins

Dive deeper into the world of whales and dolphins and learn more about their lives.

Conran & Castillo 2_0715_Charlie Phillips
Adopt an orca Fife
Breaching North Atlantic right whale

Facts about whales

Amazing facts about whales, the largest mammals to live on Earth.

Facts about dolphins

From the orca to the tiny vaquita, learn more about these creatures.

Record breakers

Whales and dolphins hold some incredible records.

Brain power

Just how intelligent are whales and dolphins?