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Risso's dolphin entangled in fishing line and plastic bags - Andrew Sutton

The ocean is awash with plastic – can we ever clean it up?

Sonja Eisfeld-Pierantonio

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The ocean is awash with plastic – can we ever clean it up?

By Sonja Eisfeld-Pierantonio / 7th March 2022

You’ve seen pictures of plastic litter accumulating on beaches or marine wildlife swimming through floating rubbish in some ocean far away and, like me, you’ve…

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Meet Charlie - bottlenose dolphin

UK government’s poor performance on the marine environment

By Sonja Eisfeld-Pierantonio / 18th January 2022

One year ago, Environment Minister Rebecca Pow declared 2021 a ‘Marine Super Year’, stressing that the UK would use its COP26 presidency to lead calls…

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To save whales, dolphins and the world, we need a global treaty on plastic pollution

By Sonja Eisfeld-Pierantonio / 16th November 2021

Millions of tonnes of plastic enter the environment every year impacting ecosystems and species. Plastic has been found in the air, rain, our bodies and our food chain. Emissions of…

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Plastic pollution on beach

Plastic Free July – choose to refuse

By Sonja Eisfeld-Pierantonio / 13th July 2021

Plastic is everywhere. When I look around me, I see a gazillion things made of plastic: my computer, my watch, pens, lights, clothes … the…

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Why do some dolphins choose human company and what should we learn?

By Sonja Eisfeld-Pierantonio / 1st December 2020

‘Fungie has gone missing’, ‘Danny the dolphin believed dead’ – both October headlines announcing the departure of much-loved ‘solitary dolphins’. With these two well-known characters…

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How cigarette butts pollute the ocean and harm whales and dolphins

By Sonja Eisfeld-Pierantonio / 31st May 2019

Today is World No Tobacco Day and you could be forgiven for wondering what that’s got to do with whales and dolphins. Sadly, it’s very…

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