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The biggest threat

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What's the problem?

Known as 'bycatch', accidental entanglement in fishing nets and gear is the biggest threat to whales, dolphins and porpoises.

This unintentional capture kills hundreds of thousands of individuals every year. Bycatch is threatening the survival of a number of species, including the vaquita and the New Zealand Māui dolphin.

Together we need to:

  1. Work with the fishing industry to change fishing practices and find solutions to protect whales and dolphins
  2. Lobby for changes to end bycatch through legislation
  3. Campaign for more marine protected areas to limit the harmful effects of fishing on whale and dolphin populations
A dolphin trapped in a fishing net

How you can help:

Please help us create a better future for these amazing, intelligent creatures.

We could do so much with your donation:

  • £100 could allow us to continue our fight to save the Māui dolphin in New Zealand from extinction
  • £50 could help us attend the UK Welfare Workshop on bycatch, helping us to shape our policy and campaigns
  • £30 could help pay for membership to key campaigning organisations, giving WDC a platform to lobby government and the fishing industry

We will feedback on our progress, but we can only continue our work with the help of supporters like you. Every pound will help.

If you give £30 or more, as a thank you, we will send you our award-winning magazine, Whale & Dolphin four times a year.

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We can't do it alone. Only with the help of our amazing supporters can we continue our vital work. Please help us by donating today.

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