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Minke whale © Vanessa Mignon

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There is no place for whaling in the 21st century. Over 100,000 dolphins, whales, and porpoises are also killed in various countries each year. We simply cannot let this happen, yet there is no simple solution.

Our recent research in Norway has been revealing. Most participants had little knowledge of whales or the whaling industry, including being unaware that whalers target pregnant whales because they are slower and easier to catch. When presented with this fact, participants were rightly horrified. We need to expose the appalling truth of the whaling industry to create change from within Norway. But we can only do this with your help.

A donation from you today will help to:

  • continue our partnership with NOAH, Norway's largest animal welfare organisation to inspire the next Save the Whale movement in Norway
  • enable further focus groups and opinion polls to help learn more about how ordinary Norwegians view whales and whaling
  • empower the Norwegian public by providing them with the truth via education and outreach campaigns, thus dispelling the myths and misinformation about the whaling industry.
  • Leverage diplomatic pressure on Japan and Norway, alongside partner charities and government departments.

Your support has already achieved so much. However, we need your help today to change the hearts and minds of more people in Norway to continue this vital work.

Together, we can end the senseless and cruel slaughter of minke whales in Norwegian waters and beyond.

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