Is Whale & Dolphin's wrapping environmentally friendly?

Why we use polythene to wrap Whale & Dolphin.

Our supplier agrees with the findings of the 2010 government report attached at the bottom of this page – that oxodegradable/biodegradable film for mailing purposes is surprisingly more harmful to the environment than using basic polythene. 

Polythene blend is of food grade standard and is fully recyclable by any reprocessing plant and our supplier welcomes the return of any material, including domestic and industrial material. Our poly supplier takes in considerable quantities from the public, councils and other environmentally conscious organisations all over the UK. They also operate a 24/7 public drop off point in conjunction with the forward thinking Broadland DC.

Some other thoughts …

Most people are not aware that all polythene will degrade naturally on the land surface – a standard plastic bag will break down completely in around 18 months from the sun’s UV light, if left on the side of the road.

Oxodegradable film is normal polythene with the addition of about 2% of a very expensive additive intended to accelerate the degrading process.
In practical terms in the UK this process is next to useless as the material does not end up on the side of the road – the vast majority goes to landfill.

Oxodegradable film needs oxygen and preferably moisture and warmth to break down in around 18 months.
As said, most is sent to landfill, where it needs to stay in the top 12 feet for that amount of time.
Below 12 feet there is no oxygen, just methane travelling upwards from decomposing organic matter below.
Most polythene will be below 12 feet in a few months where, without oxygen, it will remain for the next few hundred years irrespective of its type.

We believe all films should be recycled and this should be actively encouraged by all organisations. However, oxodegradable films encourage the throwaway culture and lifestyle that the government (quite rightly) is working to phase out.