Why work with WDC?

Charity partnerships can greatly enhance your brand and motivate your workforce.

Get your company involved in supporting Whale and Dolphin Conservation and help us to make a lasting difference in keeping these majestic, intelligent and beautiful creatures safe and free.

Through a partnership with WDC, you can add new dimensions to your brand image, become recognised for your CSR work and engage and motivate your staff members with a range of events and opportunities to work together for a great cause. Most importantly, you can create a real change across our world’s oceans, through our many areas of work.

Whether you want to help us stop whaling, end the cruelty of keeping whales and dolphins in captivity for human ‘entertainment’, or stop them being killed by plastic pollution and entanglement in fishing gear, get in touch with WDC to see how we can work together to create a rewarding, mutually beneficial partnership.

Our successful collaborations are diverse and include clothes retailers, video game giants, travel companies and breweries to name a few – you can find out more information on our past work by visiting our partners and affiliates pages.

Contact our dedicated Corporate Partnerships team to find out more.

Abbie Cheesman

Corporate Partnerships manager

Tel: 07795 538168

Email: abbie.cheesman@whales.org


Marina Abraham

Corporate Partnerships officer

Tel: 01249 449519

Email: marina.abraham@whales.org