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Rough-toothed dolphins

Rough-toothed dolphins video

Truly magical footage of Bonaire rough-toothed dolphins.

Back in October 2019, a group of about 20 rough-toothed dolphins (Steno bredanensis) approached the boat of scuba divers. The encounter, in the crystal clear and intensely blue waters in northern Bonaire, lasted around 45 minutes.

Rough-toothed dolphins are found in deeper tropical waters around the world, most often in tight-knit groups. They are named for their unusual teeth, which are wrinkled and ridged with scratch marks. This film was made by Bas Tol, a well-known dive guide in Bonaire. He mentioned that the dolphins showing off and holding fins, along with making all sorts of sounds, clicks, and whistles, was particularly memorable.

Angiolina Henriquez of the Aruba Marine Mammal Foundation says the dolphins’ behaviour appears normal and relaxed. “Stenos are typically very curious, social, and playful, and innovative,” she says. She adds, “Flanked synchronized swimming in clusters of rows, when travelling at the surface, is a characteristic of this species. And clustering beneath the surface, as shown here, is also typical.”

We at Whale and Dolphin Conservation are often asked if it is ok to swim with whales and dolphins in the wild. Our response is always the same: We totally get that people love the idea of being in the water with these beautiful creatures. However, the reality is that it can be a really intrusive and stressful experience for the whales or dolphins targeted. In this video, the dolphins approached the divers and appear very relaxed. Find out more.

Video by Bas Tol:

Quote by Angiolina Henriquez - Aruba Marine Mammal Foundation:

Written by Carol Marzuola - journalist: [email protected]

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