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Harbour porpoise © Nicola Hodgins/WDC

Porpoise Protectors

Join Porpoise Protectors, our new challenge award especially for children aged 7 and under who love whales and dolphins. It’s fun and easy to complete so why not get started today.

How do I get my Porpoise Protectors Award?

Simply complete one challenge from all three sections: Discovery, Fundraising and Action.

Discovery: Enjoy our poem about a young dolphin and his life in the sea. Then choose and complete one of the Discovery Challenges.

Action: Pick one or more of our Action challenges and do your bit for whales, dolphins and porpoises.

Fundraising: Choose a challenge to raise money for WDC – we have lots of great ideas and some are very easy to do.

4 ways to earn a Porpoise Protectors Award

  • Coin collection
  • Cake and biscuit sale
  • Get sponsored for an activity
  • Donate your birthday
WDC Porpoise Protector Award

How to claim your certificate and badge

Once you’ve completed a challenge from all three sections, ask a grown-up to help you send us confirmation that you’ve done them. This can be a photo, an email, a drawing or a video – just so long as it shows or describes your challenges.

We will then send you a Porpoise Protectors Award certificate and special metal badge.

If sending by email, please add Porpoise Protectors in the subject line.

Porpoise Protectors, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, Brookfield House, 38 St. Paul Street, Chippenham, Wiltshire SN15 1LJ.

WDC Kidzone

Visit our dedicated website for younger supporters where you will find information about whales and dolphins and more activities to get involved in.

Please help us save whales and dolphins

By adopting a whale or dolphin, by making a donation, or by fundraising for WDC, you can help us provide a safe future for these amazing creatures.

Bottlenose dolphin at surface


Adopt a dolphin and help us protect these amazing creatures.

Humpback whale


Your gifts help us take action for whales and dolphins.

Orca spyhop


Run, bake, walk, cycle… what could you do for whales and dolphins?