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Support the Florida Orca Protection Act

The Florida Orca Protection Act faces strong opposition from SeaWorld lobbyists.

Help put an end to orca captivity in Florida! Here's what you need to know:

In March of 2016, SeaWorld announced the end of their orca breeding program, making the current generation of orcas the last that will be held at their parks in California, Texas, and Florida. The Florida Orca Protection Act (H.B. 1305) would make certain that SeaWorld follows through on this promise.  This legislation will make it illegal to:

  • Hold orcas in captivity for any purpose (grandfathering those already in captivity in Florida)
  • Breed captive orcas
  • Transport captive orcas overseas
  • Require that orcas held for rehabilitation or research purposes be returned to the wild whenever possible; no orca may be used for breeding, performance, or entertainment even if reintroduction to the wild is impossible. 

In July of 2017, Kyara, the last orca calf to be born at SeaWorld, died. She was 3 months old.  Tragically, one month later Kyara's grandmother, Kasatka, died. She was also held captive at SeaWorld.

WDC is working with in partnership with a coalition of groups, led by the Animal Legal Defense Fund, to ensure this bill is becomes law in Florida.  After SeaWorld abandoned six orcas overseas and with the growing threat of a change in leadership at SeaWorld, orcas need legal protections to hold SeaWorld to their word and make sure they follow through on their pledges to end captive breeding and phase out the use of orcas for entertainment shows, and put an end to captivity once and for all.

And here’s what you can do:


Tell your Senators and Representatives that you support ending orca captivity in Florida.  The Florida Orca Protection Act would ensure legal protection for the orcas currently held in marine parks and would secure the end of orca captivity in Florida.

Not a Florida Resident? You can still help!  There are over 600 whales and dolphins held captive in facilities North America.  Take our Pledge Never to Plunge and support ending harmful “interaction” programs and captivity for all whales and dolphins.

Follow the Florida Orca Protection Act on Facebook.

There are 23 captive orcas in North America.  What will their fate be?  Help WDC end captivity for orcas in Florida, and across the world.

Although SeaWorld lobbyists have prevented the bill from a having a hearing, we are still hard at work to find other ways to move H.B. 1305 forward.  Stay tuned for information on an upcoming rally at the Florida Capitol in support of the Orca Protection Act.