Ending the dolphin hunts

WDC has visited Taiji, and continues to document the hunts through the support of individuals and organizations within Japan. We will continue to work to publicise these brutal drive hunts, and bring them to an end. WDC has also released important information that reveals the cruel killing methods currently utilized in the drive hunts, and is working through diplomatic channels to raise the profile of these hunts.

The movie "The Cove" won an Oscar for Best Documentary in March 2010 and has motivated a grassroots movement of international and Japanese visitors to the town in hopes of bearing witness and finding a solution to these extremely inhumane hunts.

WDC is continuing its work on the ground in Taiji, and will not cease its efforts to end these brutal drive hunts.  A sampling of our work includes:

  • We have been active in confronting the hunts in Japan on a number of levels, from raising awareness of the hunts, taking part in peaceful protests and visiting Japan to document them.
  • We have worked with the marine mammal scientific community to garner a public statement against these hunts, and helped secure a congressional resolution condemning the practice.
  • WDC has also worked to secure the acknowledgement of the public display industry of its complicity in fueling the dolphin drive hunts through the demand generated by marine parks and aquaria that either directly, or indirectly, source live dolphins from these hunts.
  • And within Japan, we have developed an educational campaign with our Japanese colleagues to educate the public about whales and dolphins, their beauty, their biology and the threats that they face. More recently, we contributed to the development of the Beautiful Whale Project, an attempt to bring art, science and communities together in search of common ground in our love and appreciation for whales and dolphins.
  • WDC has also released important information that reveals the cruel killing methods currently utilized in the drive hunts, presenting it to the international scientific community and mobilizing diplomatic efforts to address the welfare concerns associated with these methods.

Take Action!

It’s time for these hunts to end, once and for all. Support WDC's campaign to stop the dolphin hunts.