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Chris Butler-Stroud

Chief Executive

Chris Joined WDC in 1992 and has been fascinated by the marine environment ever since.

"I have to say that I remain an optimist. After almost twenty years in the marine conservation field I have seen some of the most horrendous sights you could imagine, but I have also seen some of the most remarkable efforts by people and cetaceans alike. In that twenty years I have come to understand cetaceans as people like, and unlike, you and me. This is not a debate about numbers, or stocks of resources.

Its a debate about sentient, thinking and feeling creatures who are abused and suffer at the hands of our fellow humans. Well conservation cannot now rely on the old paradigms - if we are truly going to protect whales and dolphins we have to think of them as individuals, who have a right to life and freedom.

Now that's a vision worth fighting for"

Chris is responsible for developing objectives in policy and organisational development for recommendation to the Trustees. The CEO is responsible for ensuring the resources available are applied effectively to fulfil WDC’s charitable aims and objectives across the international family of WDC organisations.

The CEO provides leadership and acts as the main liaison between the Trustees and the senior management team, working with them on medium and longer term planning.