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Ending whale and dolphin captivity in the US – how our fight continues

Success! France to ban whales and dolphins in marine parks

WDC’s continued campaigning to end the keeping of whales and dolphins in captive facilities for human entertainment has received a big boost with the announcement by the French environment minister that the country will bring an end to this cruel practice. Barbara Pompili, France’s minister of ecological transition, revealed this week that a gradual ban…

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Concerns over water pollution at captive dolphin facility

Disturbing images taken recently have emerged of contaminated tanks containing dolphins at Dolphin Discovery Puerto Aventuras facility in Mexico. Dolphins can be seen swimming in water filled with excessive algae growth and other contaminates potentially caused by a lack of filtration and water maintenance. A captive dolphin produces large amounts of excrement with a tank…

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Good news from Greece on the captivity front

The authorities in Attica, the Greek region that encompasses the city of Athens, have taken away licences for the marine mammal (dolphin) facility at Attica Zoological Park. The move follows pressure from scientists, activists and members of the public. Recently, vets conducting inspections dismissed the Zoo’s claims that its dolphin performances were educational programmes not…

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