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The dolphins, including a newborn, got into trouble in Stornaway Harbour - WDC/Nicola Hodgins

Success for emergency rescue after dolphins got trapped in Scottish harbour

Military help out in New Zealand stranded orca rescue

Military personnel helped successfully rescue a stranded juvenile orca from a beach in Marlborough on the South Island on Sunday. They were in the area taking part in training exercises involving representatives from New Zealand, Canada, the USA and Australia.  Volunteers from Project Jonah, New Zealand’s strandings NGO and the country’s Department of Conservation coordinated the…

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Dolphin spotted swimming through London dies

A dolphin that had been spotted over a number of days swimming in the Thames, London has sadly died. Initial tests by the Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme for the Zoological Society of London show that the common dolphin had very little food in its stomach and was probably quite old, and may have also become…

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Unexpected Guests: Pilot Whales in the Moray Firth

From WDC information officer, Sam Flood. Long-finned Pilot Whales are curious cetaceans. They are known for their peculiar, bulbous heads and, as the name suggests, elongated fins. Living in close-knit groups, they can often be seen clustered together – almost on top of each other, jostling for position and yet appearing to huddle for comfort…

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Stranded pilot whales refloated by Sri Lankan navy

A pod of around 20 short-finned pilot whales which stranded off Sampur Beach near Trincomalee on Sri Lanka’s north-east coast yesterday, have been refloated by the Sri Lankan navy with the assistance of local people. Navy spokesman, Chaminda Walakuluge, commented: “It was a delicate task to push the whales back without hurting them, but there…

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Record number of dolphin deaths on Black Sea coastline

A record number of dolphins are washing up dead on Bulgaria’s Black Sea beaches according to reports. 108 dead individuals have been accounted for by local authorities already this year, with the cause of death still unknown. Bulgarian Prime Minister, Boiko Borissov has called a special meeting with conservation organizations to try to establish the…

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