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Risso's dolphin © WDC/Nicola Hodgins

Remarkable Risso’s dolphins – how we’re studying them to protect them

WDC wins campaign for protected areas in Scottish waters!

Our long campaign to get further protection for whales and dolphins in designated areas off the coast of Scotland has received a huge boost today, with the official announcement by the Scottish government that it will be creating the three marine protected areas (MPAs) that WDC has been seeking for several years. The news represents…

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We’re so close to winning protected areas in Scotland’s seas

It’s been eight years since we formally asked the Scottish government to protect the marine areas that Risso’s dolphins, minke whales and other species use to feed and to raise their young around Scotland’s stunning and wild coastline. And finally, here we are! These areas where the dolphins bring their new born calves, and where…

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