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North Atlantic right whale calf likely to die from vessel strike injuries

Humpback whale

Mercury Learning’s support for WDC is “out of this world”

This Digital Learning Day, we wanted to celebrate one of our long-term partners, Mercury Learning & Information, for all the incredible support they’ve given us over the past few years. Mercury Learning, a print and digital book publisher providing content in the areas of science and medicine, technology and computing, engineering, and mathematics (STEM disciplines),…

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WDC seeks further ‘school zone’ speed protection from ships for endangered North Atlantic right whales

Conservation groups including WDC have filed a rule-making petition in the US today seeking additional speed limits for ships along the Atlantic coast to protect critically endangered North Atlantic right whales. The move follows another tragedy for this fragile population of whales, which now only numbers around 400 individuals. In June, a baby right whale…

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Are right whales ‘whispering’ to avoid predators?

A new study published in the journal Biology Letters, has revealed that North Atlantic right whales alter their calls to their young in order to protect them from predators. Normally right whales use a rising call or ‘whoop’ sound to communicate with each other but, according to the latest research, right whale mothers will ‘whisper’ to…

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