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Bridging the gap between the science of whales and policies that protect them

A Daughter's Dream

There are many inspirational moments in this field….but none more than when someone honors a loved ones by continuing their passion. All of us in our North American office were so very touched by the Rodecker’s we asked one of this year’s interns, Michelle Collins, to share their story. One of the things I’ve enjoyed…

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Conservation is a family affair

It’s no secret that our office is the well run machine because of our amazing interns. And as August advances, we get closer to losing some of our summer interns as they begin to move on. While their leaving is sad for us, the process of progressing and moving onward and upward is exactly what…

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Our second year on Nantucket

It the second year that we have been working in Nantucket with Shearwater Excursions, University of Massachusetts Field Station, and Nantucket Marine Mammal Conservation Program (NMMCP) in a collaboration to document how whales use the waters around the island. In May, I had the opportunity to attend a few days of Nantucket’s Biodiversity Week with…

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Tulip – a very sick whale

We have an amazing group of interns this year. In reality, I’m constantly amazed at our dumb luck in getting fabulously dedicated interns. I’m also always interested in what draws people into the marine mammal field, I mean besides the ridiculously cool whales. Anna Petracca has a great story of how she came to us,…

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Environmental Movements: Old & New

When doing outreach events we often stress there is little difference between what happens on land and what happens to the oceans. No matter where you live, your actions impact not only your local terrestrial environment but your local watershed and eventually the ocean and its inhabitants. So in honor of World Oceans Day, we…

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