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New study identifies solution to prevent whale entanglements in fishing gear

More help for entangled whales thanks to project funding

A project to stop whale entanglement in fishing gear has received a huge boost thanks to a recently awarded grant from NatureScot’s Nature Restoration Fund (NRF), and funding from Jingle Jam 2021 – the annual fundraiser by Bristol-based Twitch content creators and long-term WDC supporters, The Yogscast. The project builds on findings from the recent Scottish…

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Humpback whale freed from rope entanglement by passing orcas

A strange incident involving a pod of orcas and an entangled humpback whale off the coast of western Australia has left experts scratching their heads. Observers from Whale Watch Western Australia captured drone footage of what appeared to be a number of orcas freeing a humpback whale from a discarded rope that had become wrapped…

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Report highlights whale and dolphin entanglement in creel fishing gear

A ground-breaking project supported by WDC is helping reduce entanglement of whales, dolphins and other marine mammals in creel fishing gear in Scottish waters. The publication of a report today marks the first phase of the Scottish Entanglement Alliance (SEA) project, the first of its kind in the UK, which brings together commercial creel fishers, NatureScot…

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Lone beluga death a warning to stay clear

A lone beluga whale that has spent the past two years living close to shore around the waters of Clarenville, Canada has been found dead after becoming entangled in an old boat mooring cable. Nicknamed Bluey by local people, the beluga was a regular visitor to the Newfoundland waters but he also frequently got into…

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