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At least 1,423 Atlantic white-sided dolphins were killed in the Faroe Islands' deadliest hunt

The Faroes dolphin slaughter that sparked an outcry now brings hope

250 whales slaughtered in Faroes hunt

Groups of local people have gathered on the Faroe Islands to begin the ritual slaughter of hundreds of whales in what are known as grinds. Despite glimpses of nature reclaiming its spaces whilst people have been locked down during the global coronavirus pandemic, and many reassessing their relationships with the environment, these cruel hunts look…

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Kill numbers emerge from latest dolphin hunt season in Taiji

Figures from the latest Taiji dolphin hunt season, which began last September, suggest that around 130 individual hunts took place with over 500 dolphins slaughtered. Every year, starting on 1st September, fishermen in the Taiji region of Japan leave the shore to kill a range of different species. Once a pod of dolphins is spotted,…

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