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A dolphin researcher’s heartbreak as Risso’s dolphins targeted in brutal hunt

Dolphins endure extreme suffering when captured from the wild

It’s not just the dolphins who are killed or captured in Japan’s cruel hunts that suffer. It’s likely that dolphins who witness the hunts but escape, endure extreme physical and psychological suffering. All this is revealed in a new review, co-authored by WDC’s Philippa Brakes and published in the scientific Journal of Applied Animal Welfare…

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Chilling new research shows why dolphins should not be hunted

Whales and dolphins are ‘sentient’ – this means that they are conscious beings, capable of feeling pain and suffering physically and psychologically. This adds a whole new level to our thinking about the welfare and conservation issues associated with the hunting and killing of these mammals. What long-term emotional impact might there be for a…

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Swiss International Air Lines says NO to carrying dolphins

WDC’s ongoing campaign to persuade airlines who are members of the Star Alliance group not to transport dolphins around the world has seen more success with the confirmation from Swiss International Air Lines that their freight subsiduary, Swiss WorldCargo, is not involved in the practice. In a message confirming its position to WDC, the airline…

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