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You can help end captivity

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What's the problem?

Belugas, dolphins and other whales are being taken from the wild and kept in captivity for human entertainment. This is cruel and wrong. We know that belugas held in captivity can have their life expectancy halved and suffer terrible emotional and physical consequences.

Together we need to:

  1. Ensure that the world's first beluga whale sanctuary is a success
  2. Continue our efforts to free more belugas and bring them to a sanctuary
Beluga in captivity
Help us bring more belugas to an ocean sanctuary

How you can help:

The end is in sight for captivity, but we must act now to continue the fight against those still holding whales and dolphin captive. A gift of £30 from you could help us:

  • persuade a zoo or aquarium holding belugas to transfer them to our sanctuary and begin the process of assessing the belugas’ welfare for the big journey ahead.
  • attend international meetings on wildlife trade to increase protection for whales and dolphins affected by live captures.
  • meet with a tour operator selling trips to dolphin facilities to persuade them to end their support.
  • present our concerns about dolphin captivity to an audience of MEPs and Member State representatives in the European Parliament and call for legislation change to end captivity.

Together we can end the nightmare for more belugas in captivity.

If you give £30 or more, as a thank you, we will send you our award-winning magazine, Whale & Dolphin four times a year.

Thank you.

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