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Will you help us protect whales’ and dolphins’ homes?

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A healthy planet needs healthy whales and healthy whales need clean seas. But plastic waste, climate change, noise pollution and more are all having a profound impact on marine life. A shocking fifty-six percent of all whale and dolphin species have been recorded eating plastic they've mistaken for food.

The need to protect our oceans has never been so urgent. Will you help play your part today with a donation?

You’ll help us:

  • conduct more research into the impact of plastic pollution.
  • work with governments and partners to reduce the amount of plastic going into the ocean.
  • identify special places in the ocean where whales and dolphins feed, breed, socialise and raise their young – and fight to protect these spaces.
  • campaign for an end to marine pollution from plastics
  • continue to raise awareness of the impact of plastics and to promote the positive steps we can all take to help reduce single-use plastic.
  • continue to conduct research on stranded whales and dolphins to assess the impact of plastic.

Donate £30 or more and as a thank you, we’ll send you an annual subscription to our quarterly magazine, Whale & Dolphin.

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Give a one off donation of £30, or give £3 a month, and we'll send you our stunning quarterly magazine Whale & Dolphin as a thank you for your generous support.

We can't do it alone. Only with the help of our amazing supporters can we continue our vital work. Please help us by donating today.

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