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Uncover the dark side of captivity

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Worldwide, there are more than 3,600 whales and dolphins in captivity, held hostage in tiny tanks, exhibited for entertainment and many forced to perform in shows or interactive tourist experiences. Whales and dolphins continue to be captured and imprisoned for one reason: they make money for big corporations. We need you to help to fight for their mental and physical freedom.

Depressed. Drugged. Desperate. Can you see the world through a captive whale or dolphin's eyes and uncover the #DarkSideofCaptivity with a donation today?

Because of your support we have already influenced major tour operators, such as Virgin Holidays, British Airways, and TripAdvisor, to stop selling holidays that involve captive whales and dolphins. However, we will keep building pressure until all tour operators stop endorsing these facilities, but we can’t do it without you.

Your donation could help to:

  • Raise awareness with the public about the inhumanity of captivity to stop people visiting these facilities
  • Put pressure on tourism companies to stop selling tickets to captive whale and dolphin exhibits
  • Work internationally with governments to ban the capture of wild whales and dolphins and end captivity for good

Any donation you can give today will make a difference in our fight to end captivity. Together, let’s make this generation of captive whales and dolphins the last. Thank you.

Make a donation today