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Help us to make UK seas safer for whales and dolphins

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In the summer, people head to the coast hoping to see whales and dolphins. Sadly however, the whales and dolphins around the UK face many threats including chemical pollution, noise pollution and entanglement in fishing gear. They are even at risk of being disturbed or harmed by people behaving irresponsibly in boats or on jet skis.

Will you help UK seas safer for whales and dolphins?

Please consider giving a donation today so we can continue our work to protect the 28 species of whales and dolphin who pass through or live around the UK coast.  Here’s what we are doing:

  • Conducting research to demonstrate which areas are important for whales and dolphins.
  • Using our research to lobby for protected areas.
  • Collecting data on whales and dolphins in Scottish waters through Shorewatch.
  • Campaigning for stronger policies to stop whales and dolphins dying in fishing gear.
  • Working with creel fishers to help them avoid whale and dolphin entanglements.
  • Increasing awareness of the danger posed by plastic pollution and encouraging everyone to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Our work cost money,  please consider giving a donation today. Whatever you can afford will make a difference.

Make a donation today