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Party Silhouette

Party for the Planet

Make 2020 the year that YOU party to save the planet

Most people love dolphins, but everyone on the planet actually needs whales - whales help provide up to 50% of our oxygen and are crucial in our fight against the climate crisis.

Their future really is YOUR future, so WDC to help protect these incredible creatures simply by doing something you love - having a party!


We probably don't need to tell students how to party, but here are some tips for getting started.

  • Venue: For a big bash, your student union or bar. For a smaller group, your local pub might give you a room for free.
  • To charge or not to charge?   Sell tickets or ask for a minimum donation to come along.
  • Themed or not? Your party will be (single-use) plastic free, but you might also like to have a theme - blue for the blue whale, green for the planet, A Party with a Porpoise (purpose!).
  • Fundraising. Donate the ticket price to WDC. Have WDC collecting jars on the bar - why weigh pockets down with all that loose change!  WDC's Bottle Game is easy to organise or use our quiz or timeline activity (below) and charge £1 a go.
  • Permissions. If you're collecting, asking for donations or holding a raffle at the event and are in doubt about regulations, get in touch.
  • Have fun! It is a party after all.

Need help? We are here to help you with anything from collection jars to advice on fundraising so get in touch.

Don't forget to send us photos along with the money you raise - we'd love to share your party pics on social media or use them in our magazine.

[email protected] or 01249 449535

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Every party WILL make a difference for whales, dolphins and our planet


Download WDC's party games and activities, ready to use!

Our games and activities are an easy way to have fun and raise funds at the same time as raising awareness of the issue of ocean plastics.