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Team orca

This is Team Orca

Welcome to WDC’s fantastic community of creative fundraisers.

Join Team Orca and use your time or talents to raise vital funds to protect whales and dolphins.

For ideas and inspiration or to join a WDC event, read on!

Know what you want to do?   Download your Fundraising Pack (below) and get started! We'd love to hear what you'll be doing and are here to help with advice, ideas and fundraising materials. Get in touch with us at

Make 2020 the year that you........

Party for the Planet

Party Silhouette

Their future is your future - save whales, save the planet!

We know that whales are vital in our fight to solve the climate crisis: they accumulate vast amounts of carbon in their bodies throughout their lives and, when they die, it goes with them to the bottom of the ocean.  Not to mention whale poo fertilising phytoplankton to produce oxygen, and the "whale pump" moving nutrients around the oceans as whales feed and migrate.

Party for any occasion, celebration or event.....

Birthday ~ Anniversary ~ End of Term ~ Summer BBQ /Garden Party ~ Halloween ~ World Whale Day ~ World Oceans Day ~ Christmas

Link your Party to a sporting or other event, or have a themed party: Wimbledon ~ Le Mans ~ Olympics ~ Rugby ~ Football ~ Athletics

(Dare we also mention that there's even Eurovision!)

Get started today

Tokyo 2020
VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

I need inspiration!

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Student Fundraising

North Atlantic right whale

Children and Schools

Southern resident orca

Workplace Fundraising

Risso's dolphins

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