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Restoring blue whales to their pre-whaling numbers would have the same positive impact on the climate as planting more than 280 million trees."

Chris Butler-Stroud, CEO WDC

The Climate Giants Project aims to fund a series of ground-breaking research initiatives that unlock the secrets of how whales and dolphins benefit the world's climate, biodiversity and economies.  Using the very latest technology the project will gather, articulate and promote new data which transforms the way people perceive whales, and the role they play in all of our futures.

Climate Giants is WDC’s biggest and most ambitious initiative ever. To pull it off, we need to secure funding of £1.47 million within the next 12 months. Our success will result in the development of a global framework to restore whale and dolphin populations to previous levels, both for their own sakes and to fight the climate and biodiversity crises.

Climate Giants is a game-changer for ocean conservation, and we need forward thinking investors to come onboard and be a part of this amazing journey with WDC.

We need to secure £1.47 million
in the next 12 months.

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