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Outside the Scottish Dolphin Centre

Help to install a defibrillator at the Scottish Dolphin Centre

Help provide life saving equipment at the Scottish Dolphin Centre

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WDC is fundraising to install a defibrillator at our visitor centre, the Scottish Dolphin Centre, in Spey Bay, Moray.

Over 60,000 visitors come to the Scottish Dolphin Centre each year, and many more visit the site in evenings or at times we aren’t open to the public. Walkers, cyclists, school groups and kayakers come through Spey Bay and we want this potentially life saving equipment to be accessible to everyone who enjoys this special place.

We will work with local charity Kieren’s Legacy to buy the equipment, install it at an accessible outdoor location and ensure it is maintained in future years. Training will be provided for WDC staff and members of the local community.

* Money raised over and above the needs of this project will be used to protect whales and dolphins around the world.

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