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Risso's dolphins © Sonja Eisfeld-Pierantonio/WDC

Help to protect whales and dolphins off the Scottish coast

Can you help us learn more about Risso's dolphins?

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Thanks to the support of people like you, we have already achieved so much for whales and dolphins off the coast of Scotland. Data collected from 13 successful years of field research about Risso's dolphins by WDC researchers has persuaded the Scottish government to designate the waters around the northeast of Lewis as a marine protected area. Your donation today will help to understand the threats facing Risso's dolphins in this area and create a plan to protect them.

What could your gift achieve for the Risso's dolphins in Scottish waters? 

  • £25 could help to continue our fieldwork to understand more about the lives of Risso's dolphins
  • £50 could help to gather more data to create a conservation management plan for the Isle of Lewis Marine Protected Area
  • £100 could help to expand the Risso's Photo-ID catalogue to uncover more about who they are and how they interact

Together, we can help Risso’s dolphins to live safe and free in Scottish waters. Thank you!

Make your donation today