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Help to protect whales and dolphins off the Scottish coast

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Thanks to the support of people like you, we have already achieved so much for whales and dolphins off the coast of Scotland. Data collected by dedicated volunteers through the Shorewatch programme and information gathered about Risso's dolphins by WDC researchers has persauded the Scottish government to designate the waters around the northeast of Lewis as a marine protected area. Your donation today will help to understand the threats facing Risso's dolphins in this area and create a plan to protect them.

What could your gift achieve for the groundbreaking Shorewatch and Risso's dolphin projects? 

  • £10 could help 100 people learn more about whales and dolphins through our ‘Watching Out’ leaflets
  • £20 could provide refresher training for a long-term Shorewatch volunteer
  • £35 could train a Shorewatch volunteer at our Scottish Dolphin Centre

Your donation will help to grant greater protections for all marine wildlife in Scottish waters. Thank you!

Make your donation today