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Make the ocean your business

The ocean isn’t just ‘our business’ - it’s yours.

Get ahead of the curve on nature and climate.

WDC’s recent ‘Ocean Ambassadors’ report with Deloitte, highlights the value of the ocean economy to the environment and business, presenting a unique, holistic value framework to help businesses structure their thinking.

Nature and its associated services underpin 49% of global GDP. 80% of global trade uses the ocean. Whatever your sector or supply chain, our world and your world intersect.

WDC works with strategic partners like Deloitte, and innovators and leaders in sectors as diverse as retail, entertainment and tech, to make an impactful difference on the ocean. With over 30 years working through international fora, like the International Whaling Commission (IWC) and CITES, as well as engaging to integrate biodiversity into climate fora like UNFCCC, WDC is at the forefront of advising governments and industries around the world on strategies to address biodiversity loss, nature and climate.

As businesses face the need to shape future activities and strategies to meet the challenge of the 30x30 goal to restore global nature, and with the approach of Taskforce for Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD), WDC understands the key role we can have in helping businesses to understand their impact on the ocean, and oceanic biodiversity, and shape their mitigation strategies.

Nature is complex but in natural systems, the most productivity is always found where two ecosystems meet. We operate at that nexus – working with government and businesses around the world to share our unrivalled expertise on the ocean and its most emblematic species – whales and dolphins.

Whether it’s increasing your team’s level of ‘ocean literacy’, specific consultancy services on a nature or ocean-focused business challenge, or an impactful strategic partnership, we can help integrate the ‘blue’ into your business.

"Get to grips with nature" webinar

Watch the video of our webinar held on June 29th 2023, which focused on opportunities for businesses to grow while investing in the ocean.

Key speakers included WDC’s Director of Campaigns and Policy, Dr Carla Boreham, Deloitte Economic Advisory Partner, Andy Tong and Deutche Bank’s Global Head of the Chief Investment Office of the Private Bank and Chief Investment Officer ESG, Markus Mueller.

Why work with Whale and Dolphin Conservation?

Through a partnership with WDC you can add new dimensions to your brand image, become recognised for your CSR work, as well as engaging and motivating your community with a range of events and opportunities to work together for a great cause.

Most importantly, you can create real change across our world’s oceans.

Whether you want to help us stop whaling, end the cruelty of keeping whales and dolphins in captivity for human ‘entertainment’ or stop them being killed by plastic pollution and entanglement in fishing gear, get in touch with WDC to see how we can work together to create a rewarding, mutually beneficial partnership.

Join the Climate Giants Project

"Restoring blue whales to their pre-whaling numbers would have the same positive impact on the climate as planting more than 280 million trees."

Chris Butler-Stroud, CEO WDC

The Climate Giants Project aims to fund a series of ground-breaking research initiatives that unlock the secrets of how whales and dolphins benefit the world's climate, biodiversity and economies.  Using the very latest technology the project will gather, articulate and promote new data which transforms the way people perceive whales, and the role they play in all of our futures.

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