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Join the Climate Giant Project.

The battle against climate change can feel hopeless sometimes. A rising ocean, melting ice caps, and rampant wildfires can seem too massive a problem for us to ever face alone. Luckily, we have some massive allies. Whales.

Whales are fighting climate breakdown - and these Climate Giants are doing so in a big way.
Our enormous underwater allies are helping to sustain an ocean that captures as much carbon as all the rainforests on Earth.
Imagine if there were ten times more whales.

Artwork of a whale shape made out of thirty thousand tries

If baleen whale numbers recovered to their pre-whaling numbers, they could store more carbon in their bodies than 950M trees.

But, instead of protecting them, we’ve pushed species like the blue whale to the brink of extinction.

It’s time to give our mighty helpers a little hand. It’s time to protect them as they protect us. Climate change is the biggest problem humanity has ever faced, but, in our corner, we have the biggest partners that the Earth has ever seen.

Help us stop whaling, prevent deaths in nets, end captivity and create healthy seas where these Climate Giants can thrive.

Planet Earth needs a healthy ocean.
And a healthy ocean needs whales.

What do we need to do?

Retrieving netting underwater

Protect thousands of carbon-saving whales from dying in fishing gear

The average humpback whale can sequester an impressive 33 tons of carbon throughout a lifetime. But right now, creel pot ropes are responsible for the deaths of around five humpbacks every year in the seas around Scotland - and many more minke whales. We urgently need your help to continue our work to find solutions that can be implemented in small-scale fisheries around the globe.


Stop whalers killing whales … and our climate

Despite the role whales play in taking carbon out of the atmosphere, whalers continue to harpoon and kill our biggest climate allies. Norway has announced it will target up to 1,278 common minke whales in its upcoming whaling season. Your support keeps us working with like-minded organisations in Norway to change hearts, minds … and policies.

Big whale

Achieve global recognition of the role whales play in fighting climate change

We are urgently working to establish robust scientific data on the impact of whales in mitigating climate change, so that it can be used to feed into, and drive, national and international policies and conservation plans. Your support will help us get further, faster.

You can help us achieve all this.

Whether your company is looking for an environmental organisation to
partner with, an exciting option as part of your sustainability efforts or you’re
seeking innovative ways to meet your UN Sustainable Development Goals,
investing in a safe future for whales through WDC’s Climate Giant Project could
be just what you’re looking for!

Save the .

Packages start at £5,000 + VAT for a year.

This package will include:

  • WDC expertise to help deliver your strategic business sustainability objectives and goals
  • Access to exclusive Green Whale content
  • An experienced Account Management team who will work with you to ensure the partnership is mutually beneficial
  • Use of our logo on your website to demonstrate your commitment to a sustainable future
  • Your logo and a mention on our exclusive Climate Giant Project page
  • Attendance at Climate Giant events and access to partner community

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*If you’re a company based outside the UK or want to link this partnership to a product or range, our team can work with you to develop a partnership that is bespoke to your needs.

*You’ll be in good company. We want to work with companies who are making strides in achieving their sustainability and Net Zero goals and we believe in collaborating with like-minded businesses that share our vision of a sustainable future.

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