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Whaling is barbaric

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On the 1st July, five whaling ships set sail from Kushiro in Japan for the country's first commercial hunt since 1986. The first whale - a minke - was slaughtered and brought back to shore that day. Then, on 2nd September, more ships embarked on the next round of whaling, killing and butchering minke whales on their return.

Hunters are allowed to catch up to 264 whales in Japanese waters after the Japanese government pulled out of an international whaling moratorium. They will slaughter sei, Bryde’s and minke whales in the same way that they kill over 2,000 dolphins and ‘small’ whales every year - in hunts with no international regulation or accountability.

We can't stand by and let that happen. We need your support more than ever.  Will you help us with a donation today?

With your donation our whaling team will:

  • ensure that international pressure, both scientifically, legally and politically, is brought to bear on those who have instigated these hunts to shore-up their own political positions, including Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
  • engage with Japanese anti-whaling colleagues to maximise the domestic opposition, illustrating the huge taxpayer subsidies that the Japanese government is using to prop up this archaic industry.
  • demonstrate that scientific research has proven the importance of whales for healthy oceans and our planet. Science does not support whaling and it is clear that killing whales is bad for the ocean ecosystem.
  • continue to work with lawyers to scrutinise the legality of the Japanese government's decision to leave the IWC and evaluate the possibility for legal steps against it.
  • continue to work with partners in Japan and charities all over the world and with government departments to leverage diplomatic pressure.

Whaling is horrifically cruel and we must not let commercial whaling decimate fragile whale populations, many of which haven’t fully recovered from previous large scale commercial whaling.

We will feedback on our progress, but we can only continue our work with the help of supporters like you.  Every pound will help. Thank you.

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