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Despite an International Court of Justice ruling and against the process of the International Whaling Commission, the Japanese fleet continue to kill minke whales for what they called scientific research. In 2018 Iceland killed two hybrid of a blue/ fin whale plus 99 other whales. Then in July 2019, Japanese whalers set sail to resume commercial whaling in their waters.

We must take action to stop these barbaric and inhumane hunts. Thanks to you, we have worked tirelessly – and successfully - over decades to keep the 32 year old ban on commercial whaling in place. With your support we continue to work at the highest scientific and diplomatic level to pressurise decision makers. We will continue to safeguard the ban on commercial whaling and help put an end to the cruel killing of these amazing creatures. But we simply can’t do it without your support.

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  • We will campaign for a ban on the transit of whale meat between countries
  • We will continue to work undercover to stop whale meat being sold illegally
  • We will continue to put pressure on Iceland and Norway to end their whale hunts
  • We will continue our work to help establish a new whale sanctuary in the Southern Atlantic between South America and the west coast of Africa; a protected area for whales and dolphins to live free from the dangers that humans inflict on them every day
  • We will continue to ensure the ban on commercial whaling is kept firmly in place

We will feedback on our progress, but we can only continue our work with the help of supporters like you. Every pound will help.

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