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An orca is fed in captivity

Help us end whale and dolphin captivity

Help end captivity for human entertainment

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Whales and dolphins are highly intelligent and live in complex societies. Taking them from the wild, separating them from their families and keeping them in captivity for human ‘entertainment’ is cruel and inexcusable.

There are more than 3,600 whales, dolphins and porpoises held in 355 facilities in 58 countries and their ongoing welfare and wellbeing must be our top priority. Your support has helped to build relationships with local organisations and individuals who, like you, believe whales and dolphins have the right to live safe and free.

It's imperative that we continue to share our expertise with others and work alongside them in a global effort to end captivity.  Can you help the fight to end captivity with a small donation today? It could help to:

  • Campaign to make captivity illegal in the UK once and for all
  • Work with tour operators like TUI to phase out whale and dolphin exploitation
  • Prevent the construction of new dolphin attractions
  • Stop the capture and trade of whales and dolphins from the wild
  • Create sanctuaries where whales and dolphins can retire or be released

This work is not easy and requires a huge amount of support and resources. However, together we will end captivity for human entertainment once and for all. Every single gift, small or large, makes a difference. Thank you.

Make a donation today

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We can't do it alone. Only with the help of amazing people like you can we collectively make a difference. Please help whales and dolphins by donating today.