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Child and dead Atlantic white-sided dolphin in Faroes © WDC

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WDC has worked to try to end the hunting of dolphins and small whales for decades.  Thanks to you, we presented 1.3 million signatures to the Prime Minister of the Faroes calling on him to stop the dolphin hunts. We hope that this is what led to the dolphins caught up in the recent pilot whale hunt being spared.  With your donations,  we are recruiting a new member of staff dedicated to ending these hunts. in the Faroes and Greenland.  But this is just the beginning. There may be easy answers or quick fixes to end these hunts but with you by our side, we will never give up.

Will you help us continue to fight to stop dolphin and whale hunts in the Faroes? If you can, please consider giving a donation today. Every pound can make a difference. A gift from you will allow our team to:

  • Work within the Faroes to change hearts and minds in the Faroes. Change needs to come from the Faroese people themselves and so we need to understand their motivations for continuing to hunt.
  • Continue to build political and local pressure on the Faroese government and prime minister to fast-track their promised ‘review of the hunting of dolphins and to publish their findings.
  • Work collectively with other NGOs to pool our skills and expertise for greater impact.
  • Work within inter-governmental bodies such as the International Whaling Commission to galvanise global opposition to the hunts.
  • Convince UK supermarkets and other retailers to audit their supply chains and apply pressure through their Faroese suppliers.

Over 100,000 dolphins, small whales, and porpoises are hunted and killed in hunts worldwide. It has to stop.

We really appreciate your support, it means so much to us.

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We can't do it alone. Only with the help of our amazing supporters can we continue our vital work. Please help us by donating today.