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Protect orcas and their habitat

Help protect orcas and their habitat

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OrcaLab is a land-based whale research station in the heart of the Johnstone Strait, British Columbia, Canada. The sheltered waters they monitor are one of the best places in the world to view orcas in their natural surroundings, using a network of remote cameras and hydrophones placed within the orca’s core habitat. Unfortunately, their surface camera at the main rubbing beach has failed and needs replacing.

Thank you to the incredible supporters who helped to raise over £4,500 in less than 3 days! Any donations given above and beyond the target will be used to protect whales and dolphins around the world.

As a thank you for donating, you'll receive:

  • an exclusive update on the camera installation.
  • a short film made especially for you which shows how the orcas have used this important rubbing beach during the summer months.

Thank you for donating today and helping to protect Northern Resident orcas and their families.

Remember, every pound you donate will help to increase our understanding of orca behaviour and put in measures to protect important habitats, such as the main rubbing beach. Thank you.

* Money raised over and above the needs of this project will be used to protect whales and dolphins around the world.

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