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Protect orcas and their habitat

Help protect orcas and their habitat

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Situated in the evergreen forest of Hanson Island, Canada, is OrcaLab, a small land-based whale research station. WDC has been working with OrcaLab for 30 years.

Today we need your help.

Each summer, orcas rub themselves on the shallow barnacle-encrusted rocks, pebbles and gravel seafloor. With your help, we can discover so much more by installing a land-based camera on the remote Kaizumi rubbing beach. Camera footage will not only record orca activity but will also help provide the information to help build a case to extend the nearby Ecological Reserve, to provide further protection for the whales.

Thanks to WDC’s friends at Curve Digital, half the funds needed to buy the camera this summer have been secured through their Supply Drop Humble Bundle sale, so we’re off to a great start.

Will you help us raise £3,000 so that OrcaLab can learn more about the orcas who visit Kaizumi rubbing beach this summer?

As a thank you for donating, we’ll send you:

  • an exclusive update on the camera installation.
  • at the end of summer, we’ll share with you what OrcaLab has learnt and send you an exclusive video of their findings.
  • the team hope to connect this camera to the network in 2022 so you can see for yourself the orca activity which takes place at this stunning rubbing beach.

Remember, every pound you donate will help us learn more about orcas and put in measures to protect their habitat. Thank you from everyone at WDC and OrcaLab.

* Money raised over and above the needs of this project will be used to protect whales and dolphins around the world.

Help us reach our target of £6000:

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We can't do it alone. Only with the help of our amazing supporters can we continue our vital work. Please help us by donating today.