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Minke whale © Ursula Tscherter ORES

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For the second year running, the Norwegian government allowed young minke whales to be captured, trapped, and bombarded with noise to test their reactions to it. The tests had to be cancelled by the researchers after catching two whales in their nets, one of which became so stressed they had to release it while the other fought against being herded into a tiny enclosure. The stress could have killed them. 

Last year, three whales were caught in the huge mile-wide net, however, two whales were too big to be tested in the small cage, and one smaller whale escaped before they could be experimented on. We must bring the world's attention to these inhumane whale experiments that are funded by the US and Norwegian navies, along with the oil and gas industry.

Such unnecessary cruelty on young minke whales is horrific and unacceptable. A donation today could help to stop these for good. 

We are working tirelessly with our partners in Norway to bring about change, but this costs money, and we need your help. Can you support our work with a donation today? A gift from you today, however small or large, will help. Your donation will help:

  • Work with scientists, vets, and world experts to publicly expose the cruelty of these experiments on young minke whales.
  • Continue to bring pressure on Norwegian authorities to stop these unethical and dangerous experiments being conducted on young minke whales in the future.
  • Work closely with partner charities and government departments to leverage diplomatic pressure on Norway to end the exploitation of whales.
  • Partner with organisations in Norway to change public opinion on whaling and build an anti-whaling movement supporting and celebrating live whales.

Thank you so much for helping minke whales in Norway with your kind donation.

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