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Humpback whale

Our summer raffle has now closed

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Did you know that at least 28 species of whales, porpoises, and dolphins can be seen around the UK coastline?! To celebrate these amazing species, we are giving away 28 cash prizes in our summer raffle:

1st prize - £1000       2nd prize - £250         3rd prize - £100        4th prize - £50             and 24 runner-up prizes of £25!

Our summer raffle ended at midnight on Friday 22 July 2022 and winners will be drawn on Friday 29 July 2022.

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in our summer raffle 2022! The draw date to announce our winners is on the 29th July, and winners will be contacted by email or post within 3 to 5 working days of the draw date.

Click the link below to go to where the winners' names are due to be published after the 29th July.

Quotes from our Christmas raffle winners:

Emma from St Albans

"I follow WDC on social media learning about whales' and dolphins' extraordinary lives and their precarious existence. I am thrilled to have won a prize in WDC's Christmas raffle and proud to support this wonderful charity"

Barbara from Milton Keynes 

"I think this is the first raffle I have ever won, and I am delighted! I will, of course, continue to support WDC in future raffles - not for the possibility of winning again, more because I care about whales and dolphins!"

Raymond from Cambridgeshire 

“The Whale and Dolphin Conservation’s work is vital and support for the WDC is so important. Taking part in events such as the Christmas raffle is fun, (and, of course, it’s nice to win a prize!) and provides much-needed income to help preserve the environment for these magnificent marine creatures.”

Louise from Leamington Spa

“Thank you so much! I’ve never won anything before so couldn’t believe it when I received the email from WDC advising me of my win. Thank you!”

Jenny from Bristol

“I was so surprised to get the phone call that I had won a prize from the Christmas raffle…but what a lovely phone call to receive! I have been a supporter of WDC ever since I was gifted a dolphin adoption for Christmas as a child. That dolphin was Splash and my sister's was Sundance. Ever since then I have followed the work of your organization and have supported The WDC’s unwavering efforts to raise the profile of protecting whale and dolphin species across the globe. I hope that work continues for many years to come so that my children get the opportunity to experience the delights of being a supporter too”