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Gamers for Orcas

We're all (temporarily) spending more time indoors, so what better time could there be for a gaming challenge? Join Gamers for Orcas and the sponsorship money you raise will provide vital funds to protect orcas.

The perfect indoor gaming challenge to help protect orcas!

Whatever games you like to play is fine: just get a pod (virtually) together - you, your family, friends, neighbours, club, society or colleagues - set a date and get sponsored to game for (up to) 24-hours.  Esports, online or computer - any game, any number of players, anywhere!

  • Not into computer or online games?  Don't forget board games, Tabletop, Sci Fi and Fantasy, Card, Dice, Pub, Chess, Chequers, Quidditch, Pokemon, Game of Thrones or anything that is a firm favourite.
  • Feeling traditional?  Why not attempt non-stop Monopoly, Cluedo, Uno or Scrabble?
  • Or change your game – try something new and be a game-changer for orcas! Check out Carcassone; Settlers of Catan; Go; Back to the Future; Jumanji; Battleships; Mahjong; Bridge; Pictionary; Yahtzee; Ticket to Ride; Connect4; Sorry; Jenga......

All the money you raise through doing something you love will make a huge difference to the lives and futures of these amazing creatures, so why not spend your time in lockdown having fun and being sociable with your pod from the comfort of your own home, whilst also gaming for good!

Don't forget to send us photos of your gaming challenge too!

We're here to help - contact us at


Communicate with your pod

Telling everyone about your Gamers for Orcas challenge will be the key to success, so make sure you make the most of social media to spread the word about your Gamers for Orcas challenge!

Eg. I'm/we're joining WDC's #gamersfororcas challenge to help raise money to keep orcas safe and free!  Please sponsor me at (JustGiving page link) and help me #gameforgood for @whalesorg

If you'd like a stunning orca photo for your JustGiving page, taken by WDC's orca expert Rob Lott, please get in touch. (NB: photos must be credited (c) WDC/Rob Lott).  And if you love WDC's official Gamers for Orcas logo, we'll happily send that to you too.


Hints and tips for Gamers for Orcas


Stay Safe

Practical advice for your challenge

Pod of orcas in Far East Russia