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Children and Schools

How you can help

Children are fascinated by whales and dolphins. They are increasingly aware of how their own future depends on the oceans.

Fundraising for WDC can bring rich rewards for your school.

Planning or taking part in fundraising can bring shy pupils out of their shell or comfort zone and they love seeing teachers in a different light - for example, on a dress-down day when outfits in fashion many years ago, a zany tie or a one-sie, come in useful again! Our simple ideas are perfect to get your pupils started.

Your school will receive a certificate and Thank You and, if you raise over £300, a one-year complimentary adoption of the dolphin of your choice.

We may also like to feature your school in our Splash magazine, so we'd love to hear what you are doing and to see photos.

Contact Sharon at or 01249 449550 for help or fundraising materials.

Bottlenose dolphins are one of the most intelligent species.
Little girl silence

Sponsored Silence

Like dolphins, children love to chatter!

Dolphins held captive in tanks for our 'entertainment' are often alone: they are no longer able to communicate with their family.

A Sponsored Silence really is harder than it sounds but perfect for a (quiet) school lunch-hour.


15 Fun Fundraising Ideas

Looking for something quick and simple to do? Look no further!

Fifteen Fun Fundraising Ideas for helping Flippered Friends has some really easy, hassle-free ideas to get you started.

Ideas can be adapted to suit pupils' ages, the size of your school and the time you have available.

Dolphin Defenders cartoon

Dolphin Defender's Award

If you love dolphins (and who doesn't ???) get active and earn your Dolphin Defender's Award!

It's great fun and easy to do - to find out how to become a Dolphin Defender just click below or contact events@whales.

IMG_1255 (1)

Urban Beach Clean

 Up to 95% of ocean plastic comes from towns and cities, carried there via  rivers, the wind, rain and sewage systems.

 Join the Plastics Heroes on our Not Whale Food website and clean up your neighbourhood!

Email for more information or your UBC starter kit.

Eco-whale infographic

Resources for Teachers

WDC's free educational resources link to many areas of the National Curriculum. Topics include: Habitats, Food Chains and Pollution.

Subject to availability, a volunteer speaker could give an assembly on 'The Amazing World of Whales and Dolphins' or 'The Plastic Nightmare'.

Humpback breaching
Party Silhouette
Blue whale underwater




Whales: their future is your future!

Celebrate the end of term with a party with a purpose!

Instead of your usual school fete, why not have a themed party - green for the planet and 'Green Whale', or blue for the blue whale. Sell healthy snacks and drinks (let the children make their own on a smoothie bike) and make your party totally plastic-free.

Pupils can bring in unwanted toys, games and books to sell, paint stones, make crafts and jewellery, bake cakes and biscuits, and use our 'Name the Whale' game to raise funds to protect whales, dolphins and, ultimately, our planet.

Contact for our party Timeline activity, a quiz for parents and other fundraising materials.