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Fundraise for us

 Our fantastic fundraisers help WDC make a huge difference for whales and dolphins - we simply couldn't do it without them - or you!

Could you use your time or talents to help?

Virtual Fundraising

This year we've all embraced new ways of keeping in touch with our loved ones and are getting used to using Zoom, Skype and Houseparty (for example) to enjoy social gatherings or for work purposes.  Thanks to modern technology, you can also still fundraise to help whales and dolphins in the comfort of your own home and in line with current Government guidelines.

If you need any help or fundraising materials, get in touch with us via

Humpy and calf

Climb Every Mountain

Well, perhaps not every mountain!

Keep fit yourself and get children using maths skills working out how many times you'll need to go up and down the stairs to reach the peak of your chosen hill or mountain.  Well-known peaks below for you to consider 'climbing' are:

Scafell Pike - 978m            Snowdon - 1085m        Ben Nevis - 1345m

Kilimanjaro - 5895m          Hungry Hill - 685m       Brandon Mountain - 952m

Slieve Donard - 850m        Pen-y-Fan - 886m        Cadair Idris - 893m

Missing Glastonbury?  Glastonbury Tor is only 158m so keep motivated by listening to your favourite Glasto playlist as you climb.

Set up a JustGiving page (which you can now link to Strava too)or email for a paper sponsorship form.  Don't forget to tag us in @whalesorg on your social posts and to send us a photo of you celebrating at the summit!

The Stay Inn or Home Cinema

Quiz Nights and Movie Nights for fun, friends and family - what more could you want?

Host a Quiz Night and charge a set fee to take part - half to the winner and half to WDC. Test yourselves with rounds on general knowledge, sport and music - and, of course, a round on whales and dolphins!

If you're bored with repeats or 'another chance to see' programmes on TV, you can use Netflix Party Chrome Extension to host a movie night for friends and family and donate the cost of a cinema ticket and/or sweets and popcorn to WDC.


IMG_7242 - Rob Lott

Share your Skills

Could you could share a skill online in return for donations to WDC?

If so, why not set up a group on Zoom and do just that!

Can you sing, dance, play an instrument, paint, draw, knit, sew or bake beautiful cakes?

Are you a talented photographer who could share tips, or can you teach yoga, Pilates, Tai Kwon-do or Tai Chi perhaps?

How about teaching a foreign language for fun, or leading a book group?

Setting up a JustGiving page for donations is simple and saves you handling cash.


Beluga whales - Little Grey and Little White

Gained a few lbs or £s

Little White and Little Grey have put on much needed blubber, but if you've done the same during lockdown and want to lose it, be sponsored to do your very own Beluga Boot Camp.

The nation's PE teacher, Joe Wicks, has great 30-minute workouts on his Body Coach YouTube - they're not just for children - and there are lots of other workouts and keep-fit classes on YouTube, so turn those unwanted llbs into £s for Little White and Little Grey.

Alternatively, if working from home has saved you £s on bus, train or tube fares, or petrol, a few £s would help us to empty more tanks.

Humpback breaching

Virtual  Sleepovers

Brownies, Cubs and Rainbows can still meet online and a virtual sleepover is great fun and a chance to earn a badge or two!

Simply use Zoom to enjoy a bedtime story together (whale or dolphin-themed of course) then, next morning, get started on our Dolphin Defender Award after breakfast together.

Showcase everyone's work over evening pizza together, and do something simple like household chores or washing the car for the fundraising challenge. For help or more ideas, email

Common dolphin

Brave the Shave

No chance of an appointment at the hairdresser or barber just yet?

Be sponsored to lose your lockdown locks for whales and dolphins. Two of our fantastic supporters did just that and raised over £1,200 for WDC.

Brave the shave live on Zoom in front of friends, family or colleagues - will they donate even more if you pledge to shave your eyebrows as well?

Send us a 'before' and 'after' photo so we can admire your new look and feature you in Whale and Dolphin or Splash magazine.



Birthday cake

Donate your birthday

Too much 'stuff' or struggling to find space for more toys?  Fed up of excessive packaging on presents that simply gets thrown away?  Don't need or want anything in particular?

If so, you can help give the gift of freedom to captive orcas and dolphins by asking friends and family to give you donations for WDC instead of birthday presents - or any other celebration in fact.

Thank you for putting whales and dolphins first and helping to keep them safe and free in clean, healthy oceans.

And, don't forget,  if you're a younger WDC supporter,  Donating your Birthday counts towards your Dolphin Defender Award too!

The 2.6 Challenge

Be  part of something amazing for whales and dolphins


Muscle Man
Superhero Children
Gym Woman

Remember 2020 as the year YOU became a Home Hero and did something amazing for whales and dolphins!

Like most charities, all of our fundraising events have been cancelled and, whilst we hope they'll go ahead later, funds raised NOW from this national event will help us protect whales and dolphins.  To get involved, simply donate or fundraise using the numbers 2.6 or 26 as your inspiration.

Stuck for ideas? See what our fantastic 2.6 Challengers have already done by clicking on the button below - there's everything from dizzying front flips on a trampoline, listening to Christmas songs on a loop, running, dancing, reading for 26 hours and even a 26-line poem about dolphins.  If you're particularly active and energetic, could you do absolutely nothing for 2.6 hours - it's more difficult than it sounds!

For help or fundraising materials, contact

Please let us know what your 2.6 Challenge is and share photos with us @whalesorg!

Thank you from everyone at WDC - we truly appreciate any support you can give during these unprecedented times.

More Ideas and Inspiration

Whatever you do, your fundraising will make all the difference to whales and dolphins! Meet some of the amazing people who do incredible things to support our work and get in touch at if you'd like to help.

ZSL banner

Join one of WDC's events or join an event in your own area. If you have an hour, a day or a week, there's something for you!

In Memory Giving

Donating or fundraising in memory of a loved one is a really special way to remember them and of honouring their life by supporting a cause they were particularly passionate about.

Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin
Risso's dolphin

Amazon Wish List

Find out how you can help support our vital research projects by purchasing an item from our Amazon Wish List. From batteries to a GoPro camera there are a range of products to suit every budget. Thank you.