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Fundraise for us

 Our fantastic fundraisers help WDC make a huge difference for whales and dolphins - we simply couldn't do it without them - or you!

Could you use your time or talents to help?

Virtual Fundraising

Thanks to modern technology, you can still fundraise to help whales and dolphins at home in line with current Government guidelines.

Below you'll find some simple ideas that can be adapted to suit your circumstances.

Humpy and calf
IMG_7242 - Rob Lott

An evening at the Stay Inn

Get a group together virtually for a Quiz Night.

Test yourselves with rounds on general knowledge, sport, music or more specialist subjects - and, of course, a round on whales and dolphins!

Ask a nominal donation to WDC to participate or, if your quizzers are feeling really generous,  they might consider donating the price of a pint or glass of wine at their local pub or restaurant.


Climb Every Mountain

Well, perhaps not every mountain!

How high is your closest mountain or hill?  How many times would you need to go up and down your stairs to reach the equivalent height?   A great way to keep fit whilst confined to home and to get children using maths skills working it out before being sponsored to do their 'climb'.

We'd love to see a photo of you/them with a flag at the summit too.


The show must go on

Can you sing, dance or play a musical instrument?  Are you a magician or other talented entertainer?   Could you host a virtual performance for friends, family, neighbours or colleagues in return for donations to WDC?

Do you paint, draw or knit?  Are you a potter, sculptor or dressmaker?  Donate a small amount per sale or order to WDC - every single donation will help us to continue protecting whales and dolphins.


Birthday cake

Donate your birthday

Too much 'stuff' or struggling to find space for more toys?  Fed up of excessive packaging on presents that simply gets thrown away?  Don't need or want anything in particular?

If so, you can help give the gift of freedom to captive orcas and dolphins by asking friends and family to give you donations for WDC instead of birthday presents.

And, if you're a younger WDC supporter,  it counts towards your Dolphin Defender Award too!

The 2.6 Challenge

Be  part of something amazing for whales and dolphins


Muscle Man
Superhero Children
Gym Woman

We're inviting every WDC supporter to be part of The 2.6 Challenge.

Like most charities, our fundraising events have been cancelled and, whilst we hope they'll go ahead later, funds raised NOW from this national event are vital to help protect whales and dolphins.  To get involved, simply donate or fundraise using the numbers 2.6 or 26 as your inspiration.  For example:

  • Not buying takeaway coffee?  Could you just donate £2.60?
  • Get active and be sponsored to walk, run, cycle, hop, scoot, skip or crawl 2.6 miles, do 26 press-ups or even climb your stairs 260 times if you're feeling really energetic!
  • Host a virtual pub quiz (26 questions) or gaming event (play 26 board or computer games) with 26 friends.  Be sponsored to learn 26 facts or figures off by heart for a test.
  • Challenge children to come up with activities - they could even try finding one for each letter of the alphabet!   Eg: S for a 2.6 hour Sponsored Silence (bliss!) or 26-minute Sponsored Skip? H for 26 handstands, C for 26 cartwheels etc.

To donate or fundraise for us, and for more 2.6 or 26-themed fundraising ideas and helpful tips, just click the button below!

If you need any help, contact Sharon on - and please share photos of your 2.6 Challenge with us @whalesorg!

Thank you from everyone at WDC - we truly appreciate any support you can give during these unprecedented times.

More Ideas and Inspiration

Whatever you do, your fundraising will make all the difference to whales and dolphins! Meet some of the amazing people who do incredible things to support our work and get in touch at if you'd like to help.

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Join one of WDC's events or join an event in your own area. If you have an hour, a day or a week, there's something for you!

In Memory Giving

Donating or fundraising in memory of a loved one is a really special way to remember them and of honouring their life by supporting a cause they were particularly passionate about.

Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin
Risso's dolphin

Amazon Wish List

Find out how you can help support our vital research projects by purchasing an item from our Amazon Wish List. From batteries to a GoPro camera there are a range of products to suit every budget. Thank you.