Gamers for Orcas

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Hold your own gaming challenge alongside WDC's official livestream on 22nd March or at any other time to suit you!

Wherever you are and whatever games you like to play, join our 24-hour international gaming event. Get together with family, friends or colleagues to raise as much money as possible. Esports, online, computer, board, pub or card games - any game, any number of players, anywhere!

All the money you raise through doing something you love will help WDC's vital work to protect orcas and will make a huge difference to the lives and futures of these amazing creatures.

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Choose your challenge and set up a fundraising page on Tiltify or JustGiving

Southern resident orca

WDC Livestream

Tune in to our 24-hour livestream on Friday 22nd March 2019 featuring guest stars and gamers

WDC Livestream


All you need to know about fundraising for Gamers for Orcas!



Everything you need for setting up and staying safe on your challenge

Orcas in far east Russia.