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If you have an idea for a collaboration around a particular product, range, campaign or other, we’d love to hear from you. Our previous collaborations have been completely diverse, and include clothes retailers, video game giants, travel companies and breweries to name a few!

Maybe you’re passionate about a particular endangered species, are engaged with a marine conservation issue like plastic pollution or whale and dolphin captivity, or simply think your organisation could align with WDC and want to inspire your customers by supporting our work.

We can plan a range of comms activities around these partnerships to promote them to our own valued supporters and depending on what you’re looking to achieve, and in the past have worked on exciting activities such as team ‘urban beach clean’ days, assistance with whale and dolphin watching excursions for staff and clients and more.

You can find out more information on our past work by viewing our ‘success stories’, or by setting up a call with a member of our team,

Contact our dedicated Corporate Partnerships team to find out more.

Sally Ward

Partnerships officer

Tel: 01249 446557