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Charity of the year


When you choose WDC as your charity of the year, we’ll work closely with you to plan a year of exciting events which will help to build stronger relationships between staff, bringing them together to support an interesting, important and inspiring cause.

We will work with you on a bespoke partnership crafted to fit your business goals, improve your corporate social responsibility and add new dimensions to your brand image. We will help with fundraising ideas for staff members, from daring challenges to fun in-office activities and everything in between.

By partnering with an environmental charity such as WDC, your company can leave a wonderful long lasting legacy by helping to keep our planet safe for some of its most amazing ocean inhabitants.

Whether you want to help us put a stop to marine mammals being killed by entanglement and plastic pollution, stop illegal whaling, or free whales and dolphins in captivity, get in touch with WDC to see how we can work together to create a rewarding, mutually beneficial partnership.

Contact our dedicated Corporate Partnerships team to find out more.

Abbie Cheesman
Corporate Partnerships manager
Tel: 07795 538168
Email: [email protected]

Sophie Loveday
Corporate Partnerships officer
Tel: 01249 449519
Email: [email protected]

Sally Ward
Corporate Partnerships officer
Tel: 01249 449557
Email: [email protected]