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Purnell helps WDC train the conservationists of the future

After a 2 year break due to Covid restrictions, we have been delighted to relaunch our Residential Volunteer Programme in Scotland again this summer. We welcomed Alex, Hannah, Maddie and Michael plus two new volunteers – Jamie and Ailish – who will take part in a new 7 week placement with us in the Autumn,…

Bottlenose dolphin with calf

24th August 2022

To protect whales, we must stop ignoring the high seas

Almost two-thirds of the ocean, or 95% of the habitable space on Earth, are sloshing around beyond human borders and the jurisdiction of any country. These waters contain some of the last wilderness areas on the planet, are packed with life, and some spots are so remote  that few humans have ever ventured to them.…

23rd August 2022

Sharing our Spey Bay stories – tell us yours

2022 is Scotland’s Year of Stories, a year in which stories inspired by, created or written in Scotland will be showcased and celebrated. Here at WDC’s Scottish Dolphin Centre in Spey Bay in the north-east of Scotland, we’re taking part by collecting stories about Spey Bay from our visitors, volunteers and the local community. We…

16th August 2022

More help for entangled whales thanks to project funding

A project to stop whale entanglement in fishing gear has received a huge boost thanks to a recently awarded grant from NatureScot’s Nature Restoration Fund (NRF), and funding from Jingle Jam 2021 – the annual fundraiser by Bristol-based Twitch content creators and long-term WDC supporters, The Yogscast. The project builds on findings from the recent Scottish…

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15th August 2022

Iceland to monitor whale hunt cruelty

Following our call for an investigation into violations of the Icelandic Whaling and Animal Welfare Act by fin whale hunters in the country, fisheries minister Svandís Svavarsdóttir, has issued a regulation requiring her officials to begin onboard monitoring of the hunts with immediate effect, a move that could bring them to an end. Together with…


12th August 2022

Did orcas help rescue entangled humpback whale?

Kidzone – quick links Fun Facts Our Goals Curious kids Kids blogs Fantastic fundraisers Gallery Whale Watchers in western Australia filmed a remarkable interaction between a pod of orcas and a humpback whale.  The humpback’s tail was entangled in some fishing rope and he was forced to drag it along as he swam. The whale…

Orcas in Australia

Beluga whale in River Seine dies after rescue attempt

A beluga whale that became trapped in the River Seine in France has sadly had to be euthanised after developing breathing difficulties during rescue efforts. The whale had entered the river several days ago after entering from the English Channel and swum 80 miles upstream before its progress was blocked by a lock. Experts had…

Beluga whales in the wild

11th August 2022

My amazing week watching orcas in Scotland

Orca Watch’s 10th anniversary event in the far north of Scotland was exhilarating with a fantastic crowd, wonderful weather and incredible orca sightings. After the annual event took a break for the last two years, it was a wonderful gathering of the clans as we all came together to scan the sea from the headlands…


9th August 2022

Orca Nakai dies at SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego has announced the death of the orca Nakai. The 20-year-old male orca was born at the facility in 2001. According to the facility, Nakai died on August 4 of an infection, after “aggressive therapeutic and diagnostic efforts were unsuccessful.” Nakai was the first orca to be born as a result of artificial…

Tilikum, the father of Nakai. © Paul Wigmore

8th August 2022

Last captive Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin to be freed in South Korea

Bibongi, the last Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin held in captivity in South Korea, is to be returned to the wild after 17 years. The country’s Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries announced on August 3rd that it was to begin preparations for the male dolphin’s eventual release, which includes a period of training him for life back…

Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin © Mike Bossley/WDC

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