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Success! Protection for porpoises at CMS

Ed Goodall Ed is WDC’s head of intergovernmental engagement. He meets with world leaders to increase protection and reduce harm to whales and dolphins, for their sake and our own. VIEW ALL ED’S BLOGS There are only a few hundred harbour porpoises left in the Baltic Sea, and they are teetering on the brink of…

Leaping harbour porpoise

2nd February 2024

Success! Ban on sandeel fishing will save starving porpoises

The fishing of sandeels in Scottish waters and within certain English waters in the North Sea is to be banned, a move welcomed WDC as is it will save many porpoises. The North Sea sandeel fishery has a critical impact on harbour porpoises in the region as they gather in this area for mating and…


31st January 2024

Why do humpback whales wear seaweed wigs?

Whales and dolphins never stop amazing us and there’s so much we don’t know. These intelligent beings have complex social structures and cultural behaviours like us, and one of their many mysteries is ‘kelping’ – or wearing and playing with kelp. While we don’t fully understand why they do it, we have some ideas.

Humpback whale playing with kelp

30th January 2024

Humpback whale spa

Kidzone – quick links Fun Facts Curious kids Blogs Fantastic fundraisers Gallery Splish and Splash Puzzles Humpback whales migrating southwards along Australia’s east coast, on their way back to their colder feeding grounds, have been discovered rolling around together on the sandy seafloor of some shallow bays on the way. During their time in their…

Humpback whale. Photo: Vanessa Mignon

29th January 2024

Success! Winter halt to fishing saves dolphins

France is to ban nearly all commercial fishing off the country’s Atlantic coast from 22nd January until 20th February in an attempt to save dolphins in the area. Experts estimate that up to 9,000 dolphins die in the Bay of Biscay region each year as a result of accidental capture in fishing nets and gear…


19th January 2024

Iceland’s whale ally faces a political storm

Last summer, Iceland’s Fisheries Minister Svandís Svavarsdóttir took the bold decision to delay the start of the whaling season, saving the lives of around 120 endangered fin whales. Since then, she has been the ‘talk of the town’ in Iceland, but we’re concerned that events unfolding tomorrow will threaten the position of our important ally and the future of whales in Icelandic waters.

3 fin whales

WDC in Japan – Part 5: The meaning of whaling

Whaling has a centuries-old history in Japan and has deep roots in the country’s identity. But today, whale meat products are a rare find. After returning from Taiji, the next leg of my journey sought to answer an important question: is whaling an indispensable part of Japanese culture or is it just a cruel vestige upheld by a minority?

Japanese whaling ship

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17th January 2024

Rare ‘new’ whale may have been spotted for only the second time

An extremely elusive whale species has possibly been spotted for what is thought to be only the second ever time. Footage from Thailand appears to show a pair of white Omura’s whales swimming along beside a tourist boat near Phuket in the Andaman Sea. The Omura’s whale is the most recently identified whale species; they…


12th January 2024

North Atlantic right whale calf likely to die from vessel strike injuries

North Atlantic right whale 2024 calf of Juno (#1612) with injuries © Forever Hooked Charters of South Carolina A young right whale calf with life threatening injuries has been spotted by fishers off the coast of South Carolina in the US. The two-month-old whale was reported to have severe cuts to his or her head,…


11th January 2024

Norway agrees to deep sea mining that threatens ocean wildlife

Norway’s parliament has voted to allow mineral exploration on the Arctic seabed despite objections from environmental campaigners. It aims to be first country to make deep-sea mining happen on a commercial scale despite it posing significant threats to ocean ecosystems and habitats, including deep-diving whales and dolphins.  The target area includes feeding grounds for many…


9th January 2024

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