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UK government needs to follow through with ocean promises at home

UK government talked the talk on the world stage at COP15 but is falling short of delivering on ocean promises at home. So, we (together with partners Marine Conservation Society, and Blue Marine Foundation) are pushing for more protection for the seas around the UK and urging the government to help reach targets set at…

21st December 2022

Hopes raised for whale and dolphin protection after last minute landmark nature agreement

WDC’s Ed Goodall (far right) at COP15 with Thérèse Coffey (centre) UK Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Nations from around the world have agreed to protect a third of the planet for nature by 2030 in a landmark deal aimed at safeguarding biodiversity. Biodiversity refers to all the Earth’s living things…


20th December 2022

The power of harbour porpoise poo

We know we need to save the whale to save the world. Now we are funding a pioneering project that’s proving that porpoises are our underwater climate allies too. We are uncovering more and more evidence showing how essential whales are for a healthy marine ecosystem. They are helping us to fight the climate and…

Leaping harbour porpoise

Meet Holly, she’s an incredible orca leader

Let me tell you the story of an awe-inspiring orca with a fascinating family story … and then maybe you’d like to adopt her for someone you love this Christmas.  Holly has a wonderfully seasonal name, but it’s actually just one of three names she is known by. She was one of the first whales…

13th December 2022

WDC orca champion picks up award

Beatrice Whishart MSP picks up her Nature Champion award The Scottish Environment LINK, an organisation that brings together groups in Scotland to protect and enhance wildlife, landscape and the marine environment, has announced its MSP Nature Champion of the Year. The award has been shared this year by Jenni Minto is the MSP Nature Champion…


9th December 2022

The Last Whale – your chance to win a copy of new book

Kidzone – quick links Fun Facts Our Goals Curious kids Kids blogs Fantastic fundraisers Gallery Read this thrilling new children’s book about a girl who wants to protect whales and save the world. The Last Whale is about Abi, a young and passionate eco warrior who wants to make a difference.  It is an exciting…

The Last Whale

Large number of dolphins moved to Abu Dhabi marine park

Up to 24 captive bottlenose dolphins have reportedly been sent to a new SeaWorld theme park in Abu Dhabi. The marine park is due to open in 2023 and the dolphins, who were moved from a number of SeaWorld locations in the US, including San Diego, San Antonio, and Orlando, now face further confinement in…

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7th December 2022

Success! Removal of last river dams to help threatened orcas in the US

Great news has emerged from the US concerning our work to protect the endangered orca population known as the Southern Residents. The Southern Resident orcas of the Pacific Northwest is a group of just over 70 individuals, the only orca population listed as endangered in the US and, after decades of campaigning work by tribes, conservation…


A story about whales and humans

As well as working for WDC, I write books for young people. Stories; about the sea, about whales, about conservation. I’ve seen how fiction and non-fiction can inspire and move and I’ve come to believe that these forms are not so different, that when it comes to the next chapter of whale conservation, it is…

6th December 2022

My lucky number – 13 years studying amazing Risso’s dolphins

Everything we learn about the Risso’s dolphins off the coast of Scotland amazes us and helps us argue for their protection. Every time I step onto these islands, I have a feeling of excited anticipation about what this Risso’s research field season is going to bring. WDC started our Isle of Lewis (and Harris) project…

Risso's dolphin at surface

29th November 2022

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