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New report on Icelandic hunts reveals whale can take two hours to die

Fin whale with unexploded grenade harpoon embedded in his or her side. © Hard To Port A new report by the Icelandic government exploring welfare concerns around its own fin whale hunts has revealed that some of those killed can take as long as two hours to die. But the hunts may well be allowed…

9th May 2023

Discovering inner peace – whale and dolphin watching and mental wellbeing

Guest blog If you’ve ever seen whales or dolphins in the wild, you’ll know that it can be a positive and powerful experience.  In this guest blog, Stanley Clark shares how an encounter with whales brought him calm and explores how whale and dolphin watching can help us destress. Stanley Clark is a community development…


Norway ups whale kill numbers and removes whale welfare protections

The whale hunting season in Norway has begun on the back of disturbing announcements from the country’s government stating the number of whales that can be killed (quota) will increase, whilst measures in place to protect whale welfare will be removed. The number of whales that the government will allow hunters to slaughter will go…

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4th May 2023

Criminal complaint filed following Yahoo! Japan poisonous dolphin meat sales

Our colleagues at Action for Dolphins (AFD) have filed a complaint against the internet service provider ‘Yahoo! Japan’ because the platform allows the sale of dolphin meat from the drive hunt in Taiji. Criminal charges were filed against the online retailer ‘Joreimaru Specialty Store’, which sells the products. A Japan-based investigator from Action for Dolphins…


18th April 2023

An ocean of hope

In a monumental, jaw-dropping demonstration of global community, the nations of the world made history when they agreed The High Seas Treaty – to protect 95% of the habitable space on Earth. Ed Goodall explores how we got there and what happens next. Last summer I was feeling frustrated when I wrote a blog about…

Whale tail

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Critically Endangered Right Whale Babies Spotted

Kidzone – quick links Fun Facts Curious kids Blogs Fantastic fundraisers Gallery Splish and Splash Puzzles There are fewer than 350 North Atlantic right whales left in the world. Fewer than 70 of them are females able to have babies. Every single baby is precious and a sign of hope for the survival of the species. This year…

North Atlantic right whale Porcia and her calf.

13th April 2023

Holiday makers must be alert to potential legal action over dolphin disturbance

Changes to the regulations around jet ski use are a timely reminder to holiday makers and recreational water users to act responsibly around wildlife, or risk potential legal action. As more people are visiting the coast and enjoying taking to the water, the potential of harm to whales and dolphins is growing, especially at peak…

Dolphin with jet ski

12th April 2023

Why the Taiji dolphin hunt can never be justified

Supporters of the dolphin slaughter in Japan argue that killing a few hundred dolphins every year pales into insignificance compared with the millions of animals we slaughter for meat. WDC Germany campaigner Katrin Matthes gets under the skin of that argument and explains how we hope to end the hunts forever.      At least 560 dolphins…

11th April 2023

Tracking whales from space will help us save them

Satellite technology holds one of the keys to 21st century whale conservation, so we’re exploring an incredible new project idea that will revolutionise saving whales. The fate of whales may well lie, not in the ocean, not in vast halls where policymakers debate laws to protect them, but in the night sky. Beyond the atmosphere. …

4th April 2023

Ambitious plan to free captive orca Lolita announced

The new owner of the Miami Seaquarium in the US has announced that it is exploring plans to release captive orca Tokitae, also known as Lolita, back into a sea sanctuary in her home waters of the Pacific Northwest. Tokitae has been held captive in a tank for over 50 years and kept alone for…

Southern Resident whales

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31st March 2023

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